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Brothers, the strongest family bond known to man. Whether you agree or disagree with that philosophy, if you have a healthy relationship with a brother, you know that there's no other family member like them. A brother will be there with you no matter how dangerous of a situation you are in, and will always have your back, because they know you would do the same thing for them. I personally have three older brothers, and I know that if I'm ever in a pinch, all I would have to do is call one of them. And in turn, they could do the same to me. A brother is someone who looks out for you, younger or older, and comes through if you ever need help. A brother doesn't have to be related to you. A brother is someone you can trust unconditionally, and whether they are blood related to you or not, the definition of brother doesn't change. So, in honor of this day of appreciating your brothers, let's take a look at pop culture's 10 best pairs of brothers.

1. Sam and Dean Winchester

Sam and Dean are, in a word, goals. Everyone wants to have a brotherly bond like these two men have. Together, they've accomplished and overcome more than any other brothers could ever imagine. They got revenge on the demon that killed their parents, stopped the Apocalypse, brought each other back from the dead several times, and somehow have still remained stronger than ever in their brotherly bond. Looking at these two, I admire how much love they share for one another.

2. Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon

Like I said, someone doesn't have to be related to you to be your brother. Daryl and Rick are a perfect example of that. There have been countless times where these two have saved each other from certain peril, and they both bring out the good in each other. Rick showed Daryl that you can trust more than just your family (especially if they're abusive douchebags), and Daryl being somewhat of the newest moral compass on the show keeps Rick from doing anything too drastic. I refer you to the episode in season four where Rick and Daryl have a touching moment (right after Rick bites someone's throat out), and admit their brotherly love for each other. There's no way their relationship doesn't melt your heart, and I think everyone envies the bond these two share.

3. Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo

Not only are these four brothers who fight crime together, but they're also a well-oiled machine. Leonardo serves as the fearless leader, Raphael is the hothead muscle, Donatello is the brainy engineer, and Michelangelo is the goofy comic relief. Together, they're the perfect crime fighting team, and balance out their own relationship. Not only does each brother bring something to the team, but they also bring something to stabilizing their brotherly bond. Even being turned into giant mutants isn't too much for these brothers to handle, and every threat to New York city had better beware the brotherly fighting foursome that is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

4. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson

Sherlock and Watson have always had an inseparable bond in every incarnation of the two, but to me, the most brotherly of which is in BBC's Sherlock. In this series, we get to really see the relationship of these two build into that of a brotherly bond. Without Sherlock, Watson has no Earthly clue of what to do next in his own life, and Sherlock has been known to purposely screw with Watson in high pressure situations just for a laugh. If that's not brotherly, I don't know what is!

5. Mario and Luigi

While you may think that this choice is a little left field, you have to look at Mario and Luigi's relationship symbolically. Mario and Luigi are always right behind one another, even when facing giant fire-breathing turtle monsters, and always have each other's backs, literally and figuratively. Mario won't go anywhere without Luigi, and Luigi won't go anywhere without Mario. Together, these inseparable plumbers share a bond that any brother would envy.

6. Rocket and Groot

Rocket and Groot have the kind of mental bond that all brothers share, except theirs is even more special. Rocket is the only being that can understand what Groot is saying, and Groot accepts Rocket as more than a raccoon. To each of them, neither is different. They find acceptance in each other, and they've been brothers ever since they've met, for good reason. No matter what tensions these two face with either the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy or some kind of intergalactic foe, they'll be sure to overcome and stick together.

7. Connor and Murphy MacManus

Connor and Murphy are not only fraternal twins, but they're extremely close vigilantes that kick ass and take names side-by-side. Together they clean up the streets of Boston and are declared heroes of the people. No matter the obstacle, these two can handle anything together, and have shown that family can conquer all.

8. Captain Cold and Heatwave

Captain Cold and Heatwave have been through everything together ever since they met in "Juvie", and has had their fair share of touching moments on DC's Legends of Tomorrow. From daring rescues, to sparing one another, to making sacrifices, these two have proven time and time again that they would do anything for each other. Whether they're saving all of time itself or robbing a bank, these two will conquer anything with their brotherly bond.

9. Samwise and Frodo

Have you ever heard the saying, "Every Frodo needs a Samwise?" Well, there's definitely a reason they use these two in that saying. Sam and Frodo are the two best friends to ever appear on screen, and they are certainly worthy to be called brothers. Sam tried to save Frodo not only from a giant spider (which, by the way, is right where any of my brothers would have died), but also stormed an Orc tower to retrieve Frodo, and helped him finish carrying the One Ring to Mount Doom. Sam would give the world for Frodo, and while he may not always appreciate him, they still share a bond that any pair of Middle Earth travelers would want.

10. Captain America and Bucky

Cap and Bucky are the pinnacle of a brotherly bond. Considering that these two started out as just kids from Brooklyn, and have gone through unimaginable obstacles to get where they are now, it's a miracle that they're still stronger than ever. Bucky has always looked out for Steve, and then when Steve got subjected to the Super Soldier Serum, he saved Buck's life in return. Then Cap got frozen, Bucky got turned into a brainwashed killing machine, came through said brainwashing to save Cap, Cap became a criminal to protect Bucky, and now we're at present day where they both are more brotherly than ever.


Which pop culture brothers do you think are the best?


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