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With a little over a year to go until 'Wonder Woman' enters as the first female led super hero(ine) film for the world to see, we're still left with many unanswered questions. Who are the three men, aside from Steve Trevor, in the 1918's photo? Will they help Diana Prince in her fight(s)? And do they have special abilities, as well? Well, one could be the DC comic's, Apache Chief; Native American superhero. As shown below.

Apache Chief

A man with the capability to grow in size and strength, advance tracker, sixth sense, along with the ability to speak and understand the language of animals. His arch-enemy was Giganta. The same original foe of Wonder Woman. In Apache Chief's origin, he is given a pouch of special magic powder, that'll amplify the hosts' thoughts and abilities immensely. At this young age, he looked to become stronger and braver. This, he thought of before using the powder, while citing the magic phrase, "Eh-neeek-chock" ("Big Man"), granted him the ability to grow fifty feet in size, stronger and braver. With the extent of this power left unknown.

An unfortunate event led to an unknown woman stealing the dust with a lasso. Though warned by the chief that had given the pouch to Apache, that her mind is engulfed in evil, she uses it on herself and becomes Giganta. This has matched her strength to Apache's.


We are still in the unknown about the antagonist of the film. If Giganta does make an appearance, I doubt WB/DC will take the route of having her grow in size. This applies to the possible appearance of Apache Chief also. Say the actor does play the role of Apache. If so, this would be his origin, middle and end, due to the time jumps that are a part of the film's chronology. And longevity isn't one of his abilities. This film is also aimed to ground the Wonder Woman character. Since it takes part in WW1 where she's aiding man-kind in war, to the present day; embracing the events after 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.' Somewhere during this, she'll have an encounter from one of her many enemies. Many fans are leaning on it being Hades.

We will have to wait and see. 'Wonder Woman' is due to release: June 2, 2017

What are your theories on the character?


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