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If you saw X-Men: Apocalypse over the weekend and left the theater having no idea what you just saw in the post credits scene, then you're not alone. The stinger teased a character unknown to the majority of the audience, but one that hardcore X-Men fans have been wanting to see for years.

The post credits scene takes us back to Alkali Lake in the wake of Wolverine's bloody rampage, a mysterious figure makes his way through the facility, stepping over the corpses of Stryker's men. He makes his way to the room where Wolverine was unleashed and takes a vial of Logan's blood labeled 'Weapon X'. He takes the vial and places it in a briefcase labeled 'ESSEX CORP.'. The end credits scene ends and 95% of the audience have no idea what just happened.

'ESSEX CORP' is in fact a reference to Nathaniel Essex, a villain more commonly referred to as Mister Sinister. Sinister made his debut back in 1987, he was a geneticist conducting dangerous experiments trying to accelerate evolution through mutation. In the comics, his transformation from scientist to super villain is caused by Apocalypse. He is given the powers of telekinesis, mind manipulation, shape-shifting, energy projection and regeneration. These powers added onto the naturally high intellect that Essex already had made him a very dangerous villain for the X-Men.

Does this stinger perhaps tease the next X-Men adventure set in the 90's? Deadpool 2? Gambit? New Mutants? Actually, it seems to be setting up Wolverine 3, the film coming out next March that will feature Hugh Jackman as Wolverine for the ninth and final time. There are very little plot details available about the solo Wolverine flick but we do know that British actor Richard E. Grant has been cast as a “villainous mad scientist type" which certainly seems to fit the description of Mister Sinister. It's also rumored that X-23 will make her debut in the film, a clone of Wolverine, which makes sense considering a vial of Logan's blood was taken in the post credits scene.

Because of Mister Sinister's regenerative abilities, the villain could go on to cause havoc for the X-Men in more films. He's had run ins with Gambit in the comics and could serve as the villain for that future film.

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X-Men: Apocalypse is now in UK cinemas and hits the U.S on May 27th.


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