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We CAN have a TV Flash and a Movie Flash played by two different actors

I would like to go on record that before Erza Miller was cast as Barry Allen/Flash I was a strong advocate for Grant Gustin to play Barry regardless if it was connected to the The Flash TV series or not. I'm a huge fan of The Flash TV series and I think it's a better show than any of the two DCEU movies since it brings so much hope and optimism that the legend Geoff Johns who the new chief producer of the DCEU is set to bring.

I was one of the angry fan boys that raged on the inter-webs about the news of who was playing The Flash. I knew they couldn't connect with the TV series and I understood by but at the same time I wanted Grant Gustin to play the scarlet speedster to showcase his love for the character on the big screen. I was one of the fans who had every opinion about Erza Miller without being aware of his work, which is a shame because I was unaware of how amazing of an actor we have as The Flash for the DCEU. Trust me, I would of loved Grant play Barry but ever since I saw this video of Erza Miller talking about playing The Flash in the upcoming years I was sold that he could play the part just on his sheer amount of enthusiasm.

After watching this, I immediately saw two great films with Erza Miller in them, those being Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Stanford Experiment. He has excellent range as an actor and I'm sure the DCEU got this casting right unlike some of the other head scratching choices .

It's also laughable when people tell me we can't have two different Flashes because in the DC comics there is a infinite amount of earths that all have different versions of our favorite DC characters.By no means am I saying a crossover is possible but just like the comics we can have different versions of our characters but they still have to be portrayed with heart.

The Flash movie should be a breath of fresh air

The first appearance of The Flash(Jay Garrick)
The first appearance of The Flash(Jay Garrick)

Imagine the Barry Allen character resemble a young Marty Mcfly from Back To The Future but had the intellect of Doc Brown from Back to the Future but instead of making the DeLorean he was a forensic scientist who was doing overtime late at work when suddenly a lightning bolt shatters a case full of chemicals and spills all over Allen. Barry Allen finds that he can run extremely fast and has the same amount of excitement about his powers as when Marty found out about being able to travel back in time in the DeLorean. Barry becomes a super-hero and name himself after the Central City guardian angel who when Barry was a child read stories about in the paper about a man who would protect the city who was so fast he would appear in this red streak and the people who saw him said he wore a helmet with wings on it like Hermes his name was- The Flash. As Barry grew up it's almost like he abandoned Central City and everyone believe his stories to be myths since no one actually saw him. The movie would have to be more similar of a tone to what we seen of footage of Suicide Squad rather than the pale/bland/dark world we've been introduced to us in Man Of Steel and Batman V Superman.

Central City nor the Flash should be depressing or dark.Batman once said in a comic that "Barry is the kind of man that I would've hoped to become if my parents hadn't been murdered." Having that Batman quote in mind I don't want a Flash film that has the same amount of dark undertones brought to us in part to Zack Snyder lackluster vision of what a hero would be like in the modern world. Geoff Johns who is the new head of the DCEU has preached to the fans in the past few days of the hope and optisim he wants to bring to these and The Flash is one of the brightest characters in the DC lore.I'm not saying The Flash has never run into the darkness or death before but I don't want the focus to be about that.

I want a Back to the Future tone and more Scott Pilgrim Vs the World tone than Batman V Superman tone.

Rick Famuyiwa is the RIGHT choice !

After watching the film Dope I was curious about who'd directed this modern day coming of age story. Once I saw interviews with Rick discussing the film I was immediately a fine since he not only directed but wrote the script. This was before The Flash movie was announced and me being a super hero movie genre junkie I was already dreaming of Rick directing a Spider-man or a Shazam movie.

How to Flash
How to Flash

When I heard the news that Rick was going to direct the Flash movie I was ecstatic. Rick knows how to balance young actors and make film that is enjoyable to many audiences. Rick also has shown that he's been doing some intense research on the source material and has said that he sat down with Geoff Johns who discussed that character in depth with him.

Barry Allen is more important than "The Flash"

Flash talking to Zack Sn...I mean Eobard Thawne.
Flash talking to Zack Sn...I mean Eobard Thawne.

I've seen Man Of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice enough times to say that I think Zack Snyder and company care more about Superman than Clark Kent. Man Of Steel was so mediocre that they had to add Batman name to the title of the sequel. The video I added below is a in-depth analysis of the character Clark Kent and why he's important. The screen writer of the film Chronicle, Max Landis shares his thoughts on the character and why he was portrayed WRONG in Man Of Steel.

The alter-ego is a important piece in a comic book or comic book film because it humanizes the character and makes it relate-able. The Flash TV show on CW is a great example of balancing the man and the spectacle while Man Of Steel is an example of focusing more on the spectacle. How'd you I know that you ask well we spend the first twenty minutes of the film in Krypton rather than a brief exposition than cut to modern day Clark or even start with Clark discovering his powers from youth.

Barry Allen with Bat-Flec..I mean Earth-2 Batman.
Barry Allen with Bat-Flec..I mean Earth-2 Batman.

If you think I'm wrong about Zack Snyder's vision well has you could tell by the synopsis of how Barry Allen meets Bruce Wayne you could tell that the film is going to be more fun than Man of Steel & Dawn Of Justice combined. I guess he got the message that he needs to make these films better...

The Bat meets Barry in Justice League

Barry is returning home to his apartment. He has chains and a padlock on his front door, suggesting it's in a bad neighborhood. As he comes in, he flips a switch on an electrical breaker, powering up the apartment's lights, as well as a bank of monitors that seem to be tuned into various news and entertainment programs. As the lights come on around the apartment, we see that Bruce Wayne has been sitting in a chair, waiting for Barry to return home.

"Barry Allen? Bruce Wayne," Ben Affleck purrs.

Barry seems stunned, and wonders how Bruce -- who he clearly doesn't know yet -- can justify breaking into a stranger's home. Bruce doesn't answer. Instead, he shows Barry a printout form the security footage seen in Lex Luthor's metahuman video... the scene of Barry stopping a robbery at a convenience store. Barry denies that it's him in the photograph, but it's too late, as Bruce has spotted the Flash suit that Barry keeps on a mannequin in the apartment.

Bruce is admiring the craftsmanship of the suit. He recognizes the fibers, and comments that it's material NASA uses to protect spaceships from burning up as they re-enter Earth's atmosphere. Barry, talking quickly, is still trying to deny that he's any type of superhero. He tells Bruce that he does competitive dance. Intense competitive dance. It's a good laugh line.

Finally, fed up with Barry Allen's lines of misdirection, Bruce Wayne reaches behind his back and throws a Batarang as hard as he can at Barry's head. At this moment, everything slows down... except for Barry. He's able to step out of the path of the sharp Batarang (we can still see Bruce, going though his throwing motion in super slow motion as Barry moves at normal speed), and he reaches out and plucks the weapon out of the air with his index finger and thumb.

At this point, everything returns to normal speed. Barry spins to look at Bruce. "You're Batman?"

Bruce tells Barry that he's building a team, but before Wayne can finish his proper pitch, the speedster blurts, "I'm in!" When Wayne wonders why the Flash is so eager to commit, Barry Allen sheepishly confesses, "I need friends." He then quips to Batman, "Can I keep this?" And the scene ends.

This is a good sign and regardless that it reminds me of the Tony Stark meets Peter Parker scene in Civil War with a tint of the X-Men meeting Quicksilver scene in Days Of Futures Past I still love it.It shows that the Erza Miller is going to bring some fun to these movies that have yet to show us hope and optimism.

The forensic scientist needs chemistry

Iris West in the comics.
Iris West in the comics.

I'm not saying The Flash needs to be a rom-com but giving him a love interest helps humanize the character. Rick Famuyiwa Dope film showcased that he knows how to write a good love interested for his main character since Zoe Kravitz character Nakia was a fun interesting character to mix with Shamiek Moore geeky character Malcom. Rick Famuyiwa has showed promise has a director who can blend characters and bring that needed chemistry.

Gwen Stacy played by Emma Stone in the Amazing Spider-Man films had great on-screen chemistry with Peter Parker played by Andrew Garfield. Rick Famuyiwa should write that type of relationship for Barry and Iris. Famuyiwa shouldn't get any more inspirations from those films other than that since one of them is forgettable and the other is memorable for being horrendous.

Rick Famyiwa should cast someone who is close friends with Erza Miller to play the role of Iris West like Emma Watson.

Iris West and Barry Allen ?
Iris West and Barry Allen ?

Other choices I have for people that should play Iris are Zoe Kravitz , Fan BingBing or Alycia Debnam Carey.

Show us that you love the character !

Barry hugging Wally in DC Rebirth.
Barry hugging Wally in DC Rebirth.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a perfect example writing the characters great and making the audience fall in love with them. The DC films have yet to give me a character I can identify with the closest thing is Bruce Wayne but then he started branding people and shooting guns.Barry Allen and is supporting cast need to be brought to screen with love and care. Barry Allen , Iris ,Captain Cold , Officer West ,Wally , Jay , Eobard and so many more characters need to genuinely feel like a real life interpretations of characters , Not some knock off versions of our favorite characters ( Lex Luthor and Doomsday ).

You don't have to be a fan to know that these characters to know that they are colorful and full of life when you read there stories develop on panel.The CW Flash show does a excellent job with the characters so there is no excuse we can't have a Flash film that does the same.

Hope you geeks enjoyed the article and I promise to write another in a flash...


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