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Alright so reviews from an early screening of the Suicide Squad have officially hit the internet. To DC fans' relief, the reviews were extremely positive. Most of the reviews noted that the film met their expectations and made them leave the theater feeling satisfied. So what exactly do these reviews mean? Well let's take a look at the situation more in depth.

Man of Steel and Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice

It's no secret that Man of Steel and Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice despite criticism were both still successful from a financial standpoint. MoS earning $668 million and BvS earning $870 million worldwide according to Box Office Mojo. That said, neither of the two films based from a financial standpoint have been able to compete with the latest Marvel films. Especially, Captain America: Civil War which has just peaked over the $1 billion mark within the last week. Although, it is worth noting that these first two DCEU films actually have grossed more than the first two MCU films. So trust me when I say that the DCEU isn't really doing all that bad at the box office. So the the problem is that the DCEU isn't doing well at competing in the film industry today. Yes, the money is very much there but the audience confidence is not. The DCEU has seemed very rushed in it's creation, which is especially noticeable in BvS. Unfortunately, the disappointments in the first two DCEU films is going to lead into future films they make. Suicide Squad just gets to be the lucky receiver of this burden due to it being the next film in line. Which really makes the film all that more important.

Restoring Audience Confidence

Having a confident audience I think is such a key element that DC needs to make sure it's film fans have. For example, Marvel has been no exception when it comes to making some films that have disappointed fans. Avengers: Age of Ultron comes to mind for me when I think of some MCU letdown films. Mostly because so many fans (including myself) were so excited to see such a great storyline play out on the big screen. That said, the film lacked the luster it should of had. Same could be said for Thor: The Dark World in my humble opinion. That said, the MCU bounced back with the comedic Ant-Man film which led to the extremely well received Captain America: Civil War. My point being is that every studio makes mistake films from time to time. It's the next film that is important for the studio to gain redemption. Which Suicide Squad is the perfect film to do just that for the DCEU, because it is focused on other characters outside of the icons Batman and Superman. Also, with the team being made up of entirely supervillains allows the film to explore new avenues that no film before has ever had the chance to.

High Critic Scores and Reviews

As sad as it is, many fans will avoid a film if they catch wind that said film had received a bad review. Rotten Tomatoes being the most prominent review site as of today is an important high score to receive for Suicide Squad. In my opinion, Suicide Squad has already got the positive reviews going as fans from the earlier screening sounded quite impressed. After all, a lot of fans go to superhero movies to have their minds blown away by the spectacle of it.

That said, not all of the audience that will attend these movies will be hardcore fans of the superhero genre. So once again scoring those solid reviews will be extremely important to get that portion the public's attention.

If none of these items happen for the DCEU with Suicide Squad, then many fans might not even give Wonder Woman a chance by the time her film's release date comes. Which would honestly be a tragic thing to happen.

That's all I have for now. Let me know what you all think in the comment down below.

Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5, 2016.


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