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Marvel has been kicking butt with all of their movies thus far. But one thing I have noticed is that with the exception of Jessica Jones, there haven't been any female leads. It would be different if they didn't have any comic book characters to rely on, but they have a library full of physically strong, intelligent, creative, powerful, and strong willed females that could be used as leads in movies, television shows, and cartoons.

Monica Rambeau (Spectrum)

Carol Danvers may be Captain Marvel now, but Monica Rambeau held the name first. Like Danvers, Monica has gone through a plethora of name changes (Pulsar, Captain Marvel, Lady-of-Light, Daystar, Photon, Sceptre,). Some people may look at Monica Rambeau as a new comer to the scene, but she has been around for decades. Monica was not only an Avenger, she also lead the team for an extended amount of time and has always been a reliable member even when she was a reserve. Tough, powerful, and a one of a kind personality not found in other Marvel characters. Monica may not make the movies, but her sassy and take charge attitude would be perfect for Netflix with Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and the rest of the Defenders.

To quote T'Challa to Monica, "You have the power of the sun at your disposal and you use it like a six-shooter. You manipulate matter on a molecular level. You are a goddess. Act like it". Monica's powers are more than just energy projection. Monica's powers include, but are not limited to, flight, super speed, energy absorption, energy duplication, invisibility, intangibility, and couple of powers that I didn't know she had (thank you marvel wiki). She can alter her appearance Monica can use her facility over light to modulate her energy and modify her appearance, and outwardly take the form of other people. Also, ever since she gained her powers, her photographic memory has gotten better. The best part is Monica is currently working with T'Challa and Blue Marvel. They two of the smartest people on the planet and will continue to help her discover more about her powers work.


Jennifer Walters isn't just the cousin of Bruce Banner and the female green hulk. She is a hulk that rarely goes full hulk (You know you never go full hulk), keeps her full intelligence while she's in hulk form, and still manages to kick all sorts of butt whenever she fights while keeping her rage in check. Because of her by the rules personality, she would have been a great addition Tony Stark's team in Captain America Civil War. But having a Hulk on his side might have made things a bit lopsided.

Jennifer Walters struggles at times with being looked at as just the female Hulk and this hurts her chances at getting her own solo movie. That is very disappointing. It's rare that we get to see a female comic book lead in the movies and the few that star in movies aren't always strong both physically and mentally. She-Hulk is both and isn't afraid to show that she can be sexual while knocking someone out. It's befuddling why she hasn't been even talked about among the Marvel movie creators and how no one has vocally announced wanting to play her.

Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel)

Kamala Khan may have only been around just under three years, but Marvel has struck a gold mine with their newest Ms. Marvel. What makes her so special? First off, she is the first Muslim character to ever headline their own Marvel comic, which is groundbreaking in itself. Second, like Miles Morales, she is a character that readers can relate to. Especially teenage girls who know what it's like to have overbearing parents and siblings constantly telling you what to do. Lastly, she is a complete fan-girl when it comes to superheroes and she isn't afraid to geek out when she meets the heroes she looks up to. She may be new to the scene, but she isn't afraid to take on the big challenges. So much so that she is even a member of the newest installment of one of the Avengers teams.

Kamala may not be live action movie ready, be she absolutely ready to have her own cartoon. Her powers of shapeshifting, elasticity, and her healing factor would work great animated. To top it all off, it's not a bad idea to have a Muslim character in this day and age to show that not Muslims aren't what the news portray. I think she would make a great positive addition to the Marvel cartoon family. Personally, I'd like to see her in a CGI type film.

Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

Jessica is not related to Spider-Man and she didn't get bit by the same spider he did. Jessica Drew is her own woman with her own crappy upbringing and origin story. She was used by her parents, Hydra, Nick Fury, and even the skrulls. But with all of that came things she could use in her life as a hero. Hydra and Nick Fury trained her to fight and be great at covert operations, the experiments from her parent's kept her alive, and being the face of the skrull invasion gave her a chip on her shoulder she used as motivation to become a better hero. She can fight, she's strong willed, doesn't back down from a fight, great at being a spy, and another perfect strong female lead that isn't superhuman strong physically.

Jessica Drew could eventually get her own movie, but I think she would do better as a Netflix character. Even without her powers, Jessica Drew is a great fighter and a decent detective. She actually ran into Jessica Jones once in the Alias comic book run. Her character might be better utilized in a darker toned series. This way she can realy cut loose on a stage that isn't PG-13


You know that one girl in high school that was popular, attractive, great at sports, really smart and knew it? That is Karla Sofen is that high school girl. She would step on any and everyone to get what she wanted. So much so that she manipulated the original Moonstone to give her his power. Despite the fact that she has been on multiple Thunderbolt squads with the purpose of redemption, she almost never does anything without an ulterior motive. With super stregnth, the ability to make herself intangible, flight, energy blasts, and her ability to manipulate people as a former successful psychiatrist and therapist, Moonstone pretty much can actually do whatever she wants.

As far as villains go, Moonstone has the power and the intelligence to be a major player. To bad she's a c-list villain in comics. But the way Marvel keeps killing villains, she could possibly be the main villain in a flick along with the rest of the Thunderbolts. Also, her rivalry with Carol Danvers would be absolutely perfect for a movie.


Admittedly, I don't know much about Echo. What I do know is that Daredevil and Wolverine vouched for her in terms of honor and fighting ability and she was a member of Luke's underground Avengers and she always held her own against the villains she fought. I also know that as Ronin, she disturbed the Japanese criminal underground all by herself and she was so important that the Skrulls were looking to replace her. There was also that time she beat up Moon Knight.

Street fighting woman who can do anything she sees someone else do. She used to be an enemy and lover of Daredevil and she would fit right in with what Netflix is doing with the Daredevil series. The one thing that would be a must is keeping her deaf. While it may seem like a minor detail to some people, her being able to do what she does while being deaf makes things that much more impressive.


We all know that Marvel has a ton of female character that can be used. This is just a small serving size. Hopefully we will eventually get more and more female leads in the future.

Who did I miss? Let me know in the comments below.


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