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This past Friday we were gifted with the latest trailer release of Star Trek Beyond, and it did not disappoint in the least. The most recent trailer gives us more than just glimpse inside what the film is really about. If you haven’t had a chance to see the second trailer, I’ve embedded it here for your viewing.

After watching the newest release, I notice each time I view it; I take something different away. So here are 5 key things, in my opinion, to take away from this installment:

The Continuation of Parallels

Keeping with the continuity of the previous two films, we stay on course paralleling the original films and incorporating them into this one. Let’s quickly look at the two prime examples of the previous two films to help set up our third parallel connection.

In Star Trek; The Motion Picture (1979), we witness Kirk taking over command, of a newly christened USS Enterprise, out of another Captain’s hand. This was a command that he forcibly took from the current Captain; feeling as he was the best person to lead the Enterprise into their new adventure. The same was done in Star Trek 2009 when Chris Pine’s Kirk had to forcibly remove Spock from command of the Enterprise. The difference here, (other than complete storyline changes) is William Shatner’s Kirk was already an Admiral and had the authority to remove the current Enterprise’s Captain from command, where in our 2009 film, Kirk was in a lower command and had to outmaneuver Spock in order to take control of the Enterprise as the new Captain.

One of the greatest parallels came out of Star Trek into Darkness. As any fan of Star Trek would know, The Wrath of Khan (1982) introduced into the cinematic universe the unyielding villain of Khan Noonien Singh. We witnessed the rebirth of this character, but then we get one of the most emotional scenes in Star Trek history. In the 1982 film, we see Spock sacrifice his life in order to save the crew of the Enterprise. In our 2013 version, we see the same action in motion, only instead of Spock dying – it’s Kirk. While most watching this could probably guess this was going to happen, it was finely crafted and had an equally grounding emotional impact as to The Wrath of Khan.

So what’s the parallel that leads us into the third film? In the trailer, we see the Enterprise getting brutally destroyed. Whether we see the full destruction of the Enterprise remains to be seen, but I’m guessing the ship is pretty much unrecoverable, as we see escape pods being catapulted to the nearest planet. If you’ve seen the original third film, Star Trek: The Search for Spock (1984), then you will know that in that movie as well, the Enterprise is destroyed, leaving the crew stranded. I can really appreciate the continual homage being paid to the original series. It’s something that old and new fans alike can appreciate. We are fully focused on our new Star Trek crew, but the hint of nostalgia is really something to smile about. Another great parallel and tribute paid to the past series would be the scene of Bones and Kirk sharing an annual birthday drink. This made me so happy; I may or may not have done a little dance. During the Wrath of Khan, we see Bones and Kirk having a celebratory birthday drink, as well as meaningful conversation – in our trailer; it looks like an important soul-searching conversation is taking place once again. I cannot wait to see the full scene – it’s going to be awesome.

San Francisco Is Probably Safe

In our previous two films, poor San Fran has been ripped apart and attacked as being the central location for the Federation’s HQ. I think we’ve finally decided to destroy another city in this upcoming film. We’re supposed to be venturing with the crew at some point in the 5 year, deep space mission – so I’d certainly hope we’re taking the fight elsewhere onto another planet/civilization. Let’s be honest….you can only destroy San Francisco so many times, you know? And with the high level of CGI readily available to us these days; we should be in store for some great environment shots.

Who Is James T. Kirk?

I think it’s safe to say in this film we will see Captain Kirk on a mission to not only find a way to save his crew, but figure out his current identity crisis. Whether they wrap this film up in a nice tiny bow at the end, remains to be seen, but I’m pretty sure that the end of this film will lead to the revelation and defining moments of the legacy that will be James Kirk. What leads me to this train of thought stems from conversation between Bones and Kirk at the beginning of the trailer and his constant montage of being alone. Something tells me, Kirk will spend a majority of his time on his own, fighting his own demons in this film. The outcome, will hopefully let us see the emergence of James Kirk coming into his own and becoming the Captain that stands out of the shadows of his father and Admiral Pike, honoring them putting the past behind him for good.

Did They Give Away The Ending?

Don’t read unless you want potential spoilers/speculation knowledge.

The one fatal flaw about marketing feature films is that you don’t necessarily have control what comes out of these trailers. Films have been absolutely wrecked because the marketing team gave away the major plot twist or ending of the film. Hopefully, this film didn’t do that, but my gut is telling I watched a short moment that could have been the end of the film. (I really want to be wrong, please let me be wrong.)

The moment I’m talking about is where Kirk, Bones and Spock are stand together looking off camera, and Bones says, “You sure you want to go back out there?” From everything the trailer has thrown at us, it looks to me that this scene takes place in the aftermath o f everything the crew has gone through. They’re in civilian clothing and in all the other trailer shots – they’re wearing their uniform, which leads me to believe they’ve made it back home. I’ll also take a stab and say that what they’re looking at is the USS Enterprise in the process of being rebuilt, or it has been completed and they’re getting ready to take a shuttle craft to board the ship, which is why Bones is posing this question to Kirk. If it is a shot towards the end of the movie, it won’t be the end of the world – it’s kind of expected to be honest, BUT….I just hate having that feeling of knowing it’s there. Does that make sense?

Different Crew Member Interactions

After watching the trailer a few times, I cannot tell you how excited I am to see other crew members sharing long lasting scenes together! The focal point of the previous two films had been about the relationship between Spock and Kirk. I am over the moon to see that we will be delving back into the Kirk/Bones friendship and even more so – Spock and Bones. It will be nice to see these characters fleshed out a bit more finally and tackle their own challenges. There is so much potential for character growth all around, and it seems to be in this film, we’re going to see each main crew member being pushed to their breaking point. We also see Scotty on his own, making new interplanetary friends. I’m really curious to see Chekov, Uhura and Sulu’s storylines as well. I think each crew member will have a vital role to play saving each other and the rest of the crew.

So there you have it!

My 5 take aways from the most recent trailer of Star Trek Beyond! Justin Lin is directing this film; so it goes without saying there will be a lot of action, which we can already gather from the trailer. But, I’m also very confident that at the end of the day, the story being told here is going to have a lot of heart in it. And that’s what I’m signing up for.

Let me know the key things you’ve taken away from this new trailer! Until next time!



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