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Yes I have played this game. Yes I like this game, but yes, going into "The Angry Birds Movie," I was definitely not letting that distract me from whether or not it works as a film; However, to answer that, it actually does. Do not get me wrong, this film is not a good film by any means, but it is a harmless kids tale that kids and adults can easily find humour in, even if it is a little childish/juvenile. "The Angry Birds Movie" follows Red, a very frustrated bird who lives alone and does not like the happy town that he is a part of. Once new neighbors arrive in the pigs, friendships begin to sprout. Even though they seem friendly, Red knows something is up and the eventually turn on the town, devising an evil plan that will eventually bring out the full title of the film in all of the characters.

The film is as simple as it sounds, but with all the dumb puns scattered throughout, it really is just a hit-or-miss kids comedy with some adult humour. There are times where I actually thought it went a little too far with the adult references, but it still kept it's footing and stuck to what it knew best throughout the entire duration. I felt that was very commendable and I have to say at least that about it. The animation is beautiful and the animators definitely have something to be proud about in the future. The third act, when the original storyline of the game comes into play was what most people will enjoy the most, as it is quickly paced and pretty fun to watch, aside from that, it does have a lot of issues that can not be ignored.

As I said, the problems this film faces are the same troubles that kids films that try to impress everyone has, a clash in tone. There are too many pop culture references dumb puns, and predictable storylines to really make it all that interesting, but it does have a few serviceable gags to keep viewers interested. If you are a die hard fan of this game and wish to see these characters brought to life, you may get a kick out of the easter eggs thrown in here and there, but at it's core, it's a cliched kids film with nothing else to say.

The film begins and ends. it doesn't drag, which as good, and the message at the end was predictable, even if pleasant. "The Angry Birds Movie" is not really a good film by any means, but for taking an app and turning it into feature film and trying to satisfy all ages, I think they did they best they could with what they were given. Commendable, but ultimately forgettable. "The Angry Birds Movie" will not make fans angry, but it won't make them entirely happy either.


Review By: KJ Proulx


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