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In case you haven't seen it yet there are SPOILERS for Captain America: Civil War in this article.

You have been warned!

James "Rhodey" Rhodes was one of the less fortunate characters in [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), with his character being paralysed at the end of the film and struggling to deal with the results.

At the end of the movie Rhodey is trying a new technology that Tony developed in order to help him walk again. It isn't easy, however, and after falling over he has the emotional talk with Tony about all the missions he did in the air force, the risks he took and the consequences he faced in the past.

But the question now is what's next for Rhodey? Will he retire? Will he stay on as War Machine? Will he become Iron Man IF Tony dies? We just don't know, and a lot of people I've spoken to believe that Rhodey should have died in order to up the stakes of the film. But as we all know he didn't die, and this has started a wave rumours about a War Machine solo movie as well as other possibilities for his character.

Even though I adore Don Cheadle, I don't think Tony's sidekick should have his own solo movie as I'd rather just see another Iron Man film. But that doesn't mean Rhodey couldn't have his own movie becoming a different character.

Which superhero I hear you ask?

Agent Venom

Agent Venom is a newer comic-book character but a serious bad ass. In the comics he is Eugene "Flash" Thompson (the bully turned friend of Peter Parker aka Spider-man) who is a war veteran that lost his legs in Iraq and struggled to adapt to civilian life. Eventually he'd be recruited to participate in 'Project Rebirth 2.0', and would be bonded to a weak Venom symbiote. The alien would be able to replace his legs, allowing him to walk again and allow him to start working for the military. However, he cannot stay bonded to the Venom symbiote for more than 48 hours at a time, or the symbiote could gain complete control of him.

It's a very interesting character, and if brought to life on the big screen Flash Thompson will most likely be in high school with Peter for Spider-man: Homecoming. This means he couldn't become Agent Venom character for another 10 or so years. Luckily they have Rhodey, who just happens to be in a very similar position to what Flash was in the comics. I think it would be great to see Don Cheadle portray the darkness that venom brings out of characters.

Keep in mind that Venom/Symbiotes haven't been introduced into the MCU yet. If done the right way, Agent Venom could be how they introduce finally Venom and Symbiotes in a future Spider-man movie.

This is Just MY opinion, What Yours?


What Do you think is next for Rhodey


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