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Dragon Ball Super Episode 44 marks the beginning of the magnificent Planet Potafeu adventure featuring Monaka, Trunks, Goten, Vegeta and Goku. Goku is currently doing some intense training at King Kai’s place, but the trailer of episode 45 confirms that Goku will also reach potafeu on the next episode.


For those of you who have not seen the episode yet, Monaka comes to earth to deliver sweets to Bulma. Trunks and Goten accidentally get stuck in his spaceship and end up going to Planet Potafeu with him. Monaka basically went there to deliver a magazine to his old friend, a Panda-like alien named Potage. This old guy apparently safeguards the dormant power of the planet potafeu; which is somehow related with the pacifier he wears around his neck. This pacifier is actually the key to unsealing the superhuman water which lies nearby some ruins. The water has the ability to multiply one's power by hundreds of times and gives them other mystical powers too.

A group of bad guys are after the pacifier and attempt to attack Potage to take it from him. However, Trunks and Goten beat the shit out of them so they decide to retreat. Incidentally, the pacifier falls from Potage's neck and the group of evildoers do manage to get it.

The main villain of the group is named Gryll. Incidentally, Jaco is also after him as a part of his duty. However, Bulma blackmails Jaco and Vegeta to go to Planet Potafeu and pick up Goten and Trunks.

As Vegeta reaches there, he faces Gryll and his henchmen right away. Don’t forget that they now have the pacifier in their hands. They prove to be no match for him in terms of powers but when attacked they strangely dissolve into some strange purple liquid.

Vegeta prepares to finish things off with Gryll. But the liquid mass of the henchmen starts to cover and engulf him similar to how Buu used to absorb others. It totally covers him and spits him back out, and it looks like it formed a mold of Vegeta which soon takes even better shape and reforms into a very accurate copy of him - except the entire thing is purple.

As of right now, we don’t know how accurate the copy is and if it actually has the power and skills of Vegeta but the trailer for episode 45 (and the title of episode 45 and 46) do suggest that there will be some intense action.

We see Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks. Meanwhile, Goku also appears on planet Potafeu and confronts the copy of Vegeta. The title for episode 45 also suggests that Vegeta will suddenly vanish - we don’t know why, but it is mentioned in the trailer. However, episode 46's title mentions 'Goku vs Copy Vegeta’, which means this planet potafeu thing will continue until episode 46 and we will have someone on one action on episode 46. I am not clear about the concept of the Superhuman water and I wonder if any of our fighters can increase their powers by utilizing it somehow. I'm hoping to see further explanation about it on the upcoming episodes!

As you can see, how this is turning out is quite interesting, especially considering the fact that it’s just a fun side story in between the arcs. After this adventure on episode 46, Future Trunks will make his return on episode 47. We will get to know about Black Goku and much more.

Overall, I enjoyed the episode. The animation quality was ok. And I certainly am suggesting you to watch it.



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