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Valar Morghulis.
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Game of Thrones dropped the fifth episode of their sixth season, "The Door", and it has sparked a wave of dropping jaws and tear puddles across the globe. While we are yet to get over the trauma that we witnessed, the events of the episode have given rise to a world of possibilities. I present to you a theory that I believe to be true after the events of the sixth season as a whole.

This post is dark and full of possible spoilers.

Could Bran Stark be the Lord of the Light?

Now that it's evident that Bran can, knowingly or unknowingly, affect the events of the past, Bran may take it upon himself to ensure that all the heroes needed to win the War for the Dawn assemble at the right place at the right time.

What evidence do I have to support this?

  • Bran can see and interact with the past

Bran can see the past. Everyone knows that. That's what he's been doing all season. Tell us something new. Right?

But bear with me here. Not only can he see the past, he can interact with the people there too. When he calls out to Ned Stark at the Tower of Joy, he hears something, in the past.

  • Bran can affect the past

"The Door" has shown us that not only can Bran interact with the past, he can affect the people in the past too. We are shown how he hears Meera asking him to warg into Walder (Wylis) while he is greenseeing in Winterfell. He wargs into Walder in the future but since he is already on one of his time travelling odysseys and has a young, ordinary Walder in his sights, he can't control his powers and wargs into the younger Walder from the greenvision.

The only thing young Walder can hear is Meera shouting "Hold The Door!" and the only thing he can see is the wights tearing him to shreds. Witnessing his own death traumatizes Walder beyond repair and results in his speech impairment.

I refuse to call him Hodor, out of respect. And I refuse to call him dimwitted because he was traumatized.

I take a break to cry now.

  • Bran now knows how White Walkers were born

"The Door" confirmed a very popular theory that White Walkers were created by the Children of The Forest in an attempt to use Men against Men and win the war. The Children had already used magic to break "The Arm", the landmass that formerly joined Dorne to Essos, by flooding the area. They attempted to do this again at "The Neck" but the magic didn't work as expected and they created the Reed bogs and marshlands instead. They reattempted to use magic to create soldiers for their army out of the Men they had captured, but that magic backfired too and gave rise to The White Walkers.

The White Walkers made everyone shit their pants and the Children and the Men joined forces and we had the War for the Dawn and The Wall was built and fast forward five thousand years to present day.

Bran knows that the Children of the Forest are responsible for the creation of the White Walkers. He has to take it upon himself to defeat them because the Children have helped him develop his abilities, given him safe haven, defended him from a shitload of wights and white walkers and died doing so. Not only that, being a Stark he feels duty bound to complete this "mission" that he was chosen for.

  • The fiery heart sigil of R'hllor

The Lord of Light's sigil is a fiery heart because the Lord of Light is responsible for the fire in our hearts that keeps us alive and once the fire goes out, we die. Pretty obvious right?

What if the reason that the fiery heart was chosen is that Bran feels so guilty for having driven Walder to insanity and ultimately sacrificing him to save himself, for having to lose Summer because he sacrificed himself to save Bran, for Bloodraven who dies without a second thought so that Bran may live and the many more probable future deaths he may cause, that he feels that his heart is eternally on fire.

Not to mention that dragon fire is the only weapon we have against the white walkers (Dragonglass is know as solidified dragon fire and Valyrian Steel is forged in Dragon fire). And dragons are magical beings whose fire originates from within (as if from the heart).

  • Why the Lord of Light requires sacrifice

It is a well known theory that all the faiths that exist in the Universe of Os, i.e., Westeros, Essos and Sothoryos, are all just aspects of the Many Faced God. The Many Faced God has constantly preached the message of balance. "Valar Morghulis" and "Valar Dohaeris" are the motto of their life.

Bran will learn this in the future and will know that if he is to affect the past he must maintain the balance of the world, which is why he accepts sacrifice in return for granting wishes.

Sorry to make you cry again.
Sorry to make you cry again.
  • The White Walkers are out to get him

The Others (as they are called in the books) are out to get Bran because they know he is the one who will cause their destruction. He is the one who will guide the heroes to war against the White Walkers. He is the ultimate authority in the War for the Dawn.

*Shits Pants*
*Shits Pants*

It isn't hard to believe that they know this because the Night's King was able to put his mark on Bran through a vision. The White Walkers are clearly, powerful magical beings. They know how vital it is to kill Bran. They almost immediately head to Bran's cave to kill him because he is going to bring about their end.

What Bran will do as The Lord of The Light?

  • He will show the Red priests their visions in the flames.
  • He will be the voice they hear in the flames. (Refer to Varys' traumatic experience)
  • He will take sacrifices to maintain the balance of the world.
  • He will use his priests to guide the heroes back to Westeros to ensure the War for the Dawn is won.
  • He will be a TOTAL BADASS.


Do you think Bran could be the Lord of Light?


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