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So X-Men: Apocalypse is a good movie. Not a GREAT movie mind you, but a movie with a huge story and a massive scope that makes a solid addition to the franchise.

Not only that, us long-time X-Men comic book/animated series fans were treated to some magnificent additions to the X-movie universe from the original source material that we have been waiting for:


Finally! We get to see Wolverine in his original Weapon X costume. One of the personal highlights of the movie for me, not just for the excellent costume work, but also the brutal nature of the 5 minutes that ensues. We also get to see a nice, touching moment between Jean and Logan that sets up their future relationship quite nicely.


Psylocke! Jubilee! Caliban and the Morlocks! Original Blob!

There were so many great (some of them a bit more obscure than others) character additions to this film and they were all cast really well. Caliban was delightfully creepy as the mutant finder and Jubilee and Psylocke looked great in their comic book-esque costumes (Olivia Munn...good lord). It was interesting having Jubilee as a peer to Scott/Jean etc rather than one of the younger, later additions to the squad. Hopefully her character gets explored a bit more in the next film, and we get to see a bit more of Psylocke's psychic prowess.

Speaking of costumes....


Having seen the trailer, I was worried that the black flight suits were going to be the main costumes and there was going to be an all black, "New X-Men" style of costume, much like the original X-trilogy.

Thus, the very end scene when they have all got their new uniforms had me absolutely fizzing! Cyclops has his bandolier style uniform, akin to his appearance in TAS. This animated series version is probably my favourite rendition of Cyclops, and I was super stoked that they worked that into his uniform for this movie (albeit very briefly at the end).


I'm sure a lot of people will be a bit worried that they rushed Jean Grey into her Phoenix stage so quickly. I personally was pretty happy that they included this, as it was obvious that she had a pretty good handle on her original "Marvel Girl" powers already and was dealing with the rising Phoenix force.

Admittedly, I would've liked more of an original, sci-f typei origin for the Phoenix force, which may still be explored at a later date. But ultimately I'm glad that they included this, especially Apocalypses reaction to seeing the Phoenix Force, just before it consumes him.


Yup, that scene that had everyone hurriedly opening Google on their phones to search just what the hell "Essex Corp" is (admittedly, even I blanked on it at first).

Not only does this set us up for Mister Sinister, but also all the characters related to him and his work. Nate Grey. Cable. X-23. Maybe even Goblin Queen/Madelyne Pryor (how good would that be?!?!). Mister Sinister will make an amazing villain for a future X-Men film, be it one of the solo films or the next X-sequel.

Sure, there were some things I was disappointed with in the movie. Angels character was completely strange and totally wasted. Still not a huge fan of Quiksilvers costume or characterisation, but his "slow-time" scenes always provide some nice levity and fantastic cinematography. But overall, long-time X-fans such as myself should be pretty happy with the (pretty much) faithful X-Universe adaptations.

Do you agree or disagree with the list?

What were your favourite additions to the movie universe from X-Men: Apocalypse?


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