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After months of hype, the pilot episode for AMC's adaption of Preacher finally hit screens last night. The TV series version Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's comic book has been hotly anticipated, and die-hard fans have been intrigued to know just how much of the gory, violent and crass source material would make it into the series.

So, did the show live up to its source material? Well, the internet certainly seemed to think so, with an overwhelmingly positive response over on Twitter:

So, what made it so amazing? Take a look through the five most kickass moments in the pilot episode of your newest AMC obsession (sorry The Walking Dead), Preacher:

1. Cassidy's amazing plane showdown

Cassidy is one character fans of the comic books were eager to see brought to life. Known for his Irish accent, crude sense of humor and sunglasses, it would have been easy for AMC to tone this character down, but instead Preacher and Joseph Gilgun absolutely nailed the mouthy vampire.

His introduction scene onboard a luxurious plane revealed to be full of vampire hunters was gory, gratuitous and absolutely hilarious, and for me it was perfectly capped off when Cass poured himself a bottle of fresh blood, took the pilot's sunglasses (so stoked to see the sunglasses' origin story!), picked up the umbrella for protection and launched himself out of the crashing plane. When you're going down, I guess it's best to do it on your own terms!

2. Tulip teaching kids how to make a homemade bazooka

After barreling through a corn field in a brawl with two men and emerging victorious, what more could we hope to expect from Tulip? Well, how about a deadly arts and crafts project with a couple of farm kids?

Tulip's introduction scene proved just how charming, beautiful and deadly all at once she can be — no mean feat! After capturing the hearts of the farm kids — teaching them how to make a homemade bazooka out of cans, moonshine and toy soldier, and then using that bazooka to blow apart a whole helicopter full of men — Tulip quickly became one of my favorite characters in the whole of the pilot episode. As fans of the comic series know, there's lots more to come from Tulip and I can't wait for that to be brought to life on screen.

3. Arseface's big reveal

That's right guys, we've finally reached that point where a character called Arseface is part of a major TV series. What a time to be alive.

Promotional pictures of Arseface were released well before the pilot premiered, but even so, seeing him come to life on screen was something else. Not only did his face totally look like an ass, but his manner of speech was pretty much exactly as it was in the comics. Truly an awesome moment.

Arseface's (real name: Eugene) backstory was briefly touched on in this scene, when he explained that he thought God might be mad at him for what he did. However, it seems like the origin of his horrific injuries will be explained in episodes to come, probably after his father is introduced further into the series.

4. Tom Cruise exploding

News reports of Tom Cruise exploding in Preacher
News reports of Tom Cruise exploding in Preacher

After seeing the shadowy force from outer space first explode the body of a priest in Africa, and then the Magister of a satanic temple in Russia, the third victim was none other than Tom Cruise at the church of Scientology. Yes, it was a small detail, only briefly shown on the television in the bar scene, but it was one that proved that Preacher is definitely not afraid to go some dark places for a laugh.

The comic series definitely mentions the odd celebrity here and there, and with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg helping develop the TV series, I have no doubt there'll be even more sly nods to celebrities throughout the season.

5. That heartfelt, bloody moment

The pilot episode of Preacher sure was heart stopping
The pilot episode of Preacher sure was heart stopping

After the weird shadowy being entered into Jesse and he surprisingly didn't explode (RIP Tom Cruise), it appeared as though the worst it might have done was knock him unconscious for a pretty significant period of time. However, soon enough we learned that Jesse Custer had been given some pretty cool powers when Custer's advice to parishioner Ted was taken to the extreme.

Ted opening his heart in the Preacher pilot
Ted opening his heart in the Preacher pilot

After Ted continually sought Jesse's advice about what to do about his critical mother, Jesse finally told the man to "tell her the truth. Open your heart." Pretty decent advice, right? Well, unfortunately thanks to Jesse's new powers Ted took the advice a little too literally and, after flying to visit his elderly mother in her retirement home, he told her how he felt and then proceeded to rip out his own heart. Brutal. As. Fuck.

With Jesse only just having been given these new powers by the shadowy force — which will undoubtedly be explained in coming episodes — I wonder just how many heart-stopping moments Custer's advice will produced until he learns what he's capable of.

Preacher returns to AMC on June 5 with Episode 2 "See."

What was your favorite part of Preacher's pilot?


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