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Aside from the epic story line and the amazing cast, one of the things that made the original Star Wars trilogy so captivating to audiences over 30 years ago were the impressive special effects.

For example, remember this iconic scene where Luke is battling Darth Vader? Here's why don't you watch it again now:

It seems as though the battle is so real, right up until the end when you realize it's simply a reflection of Luke's deepest fears.

Finally, via Twitter, Mark Hamill has answered a question that has perplexed viewers for nearly 4 decades: how the hell did they get Luke's face in Darth Vader's decapitated head?

Luke Skywalker, the Empire Strikes Back
Luke Skywalker, the Empire Strikes Back

Ahhhh. Makes sense. Of course, now that Hamill's answered this question, he's opened the floodgates to a whole host of others:

One Twitter user posted an image of a possible contender that might actually be the rejected Hamill Head:

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How did you think they filmed this Star Wars scene?


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