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Bryan Singer was the first director to successfully portray an entire team of superheroes onscreen with X-Men, so it's no surprise that the seasoned director did such a fantastic job of balancing the old and new in his ensemble cast for the sequel X-Men: Apocalypse.

Of all the new recruits, the standout performance came from Olivia Munn, who finally brought the ninja assassin Psylocke to life from the pages of the X-Men comics.

As one of Apocalypse's four horseman, Munn's character Betsy Braddock was cast solely as a villain at first, but fans of the comics know that she has a fascinating history as a member of the X-Men, one that deserves to be explored further in more movies down the line.

The future of the X-Men onscreen is in flux right now, as Fox have decided to divert their attention away from the team towards other projects such as Deadpool, Gambit and New Mutants, but there's still a chance that fan favourites like Psylocke could pop up again in the studios ever-expanding universe.

To the chagrin of car manufacturers everywhere.
To the chagrin of car manufacturers everywhere.

As a self-professed fan of the character, Munn has publicly discussed the possibility that Psylocke could one day star in her own solo movie, discussing how effective an origin movie could be:

If Psylocke had the chance to tell her story, it would be great to start with the genesis,' she said, citing the years after the character graduated from university. Maybe, as she said, 'We jump in the days right before all of her family is taken out and we have an understanding of what she had to lose, then her figuring out her powers and how powerful she is.'

There are a huge number of directions that a solo Psylocke movie could take, exploring her origins as a British spy, while developing her psychic abilities beyond what we saw in X-Men: Apocalypse. Flashbacks could even explain how Betsy's consciousness was transferred from her original body into that of a formidable Japanese ninja, although there's only so far comic book movies can venture before becoming too ridiculous, so Fox may wish to skip over that part.

Or not. Your choice, Fox.
Or not. Your choice, Fox.

Recent years have seen Psylocke move from the X-Men into the pages of X-Force, a mutant strike unit assembled to deal aggressively with clandestine threats that the main team won't fight. Since Deadpool smashed box office records upon its release, talk of a X-Force movie has been gradually circulating, so there's a chance that Psylocke could next appear in another team movie as one of the good guys.

However, it would make far more sense for Fox to invest in a solo Psylocke movie; the studio is currently lagging behind Marvel and DC who both have female-led movies scheduled, despite owning the rights to some of the best super heroines in the business.

Munn is clearly dedicated to the role, regularly discussing her input on set with a passion similar to that of Ryan Reynolds talking about Deadpool or Channing Tatum and Gambit. If their fan voices can help these projects see the light of day, we don't see why Munn can't do the same for Psylocke.

Of course, both Reynolds and Tatum are more famous and hold more clout, but the fan reaction to Psylocke has been extremely positive so far and it would be a shame to let Munn's training go to waste.

In the meantime, lucky X-Men fans still have Gambit, Deadpool 2 and Wolverine 3 to look forward to in the near future.

What would you like to see in a solo Psylocke movie?

More of this, for sure.
More of this, for sure.

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