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The DCEU experienced a very public shake-up this week with the news that Warner Bros. has restructured their film division, handing the reigns over to DC Comics chief creative officer Geoff Johns and Warner Bros. executive VP Jon Berg.


While it's still early days, this new direction looks extremely promising for the future of the DCEU, suggesting that Warner Bros. is listening to the fans about the direction that their movies should take.

Aside from the titles, we don't know much yet about the DCEU movies lined up for release. There are literally thousands of comics that the films can draw from, so if Johns and Berg chooses the material carefully, the future should be extremely bright for the future of the DCEU.

With that in mind, here are seven potential DC characters and story arcs that we would like to see in future movies.

Make it happen Warner Bros.

1. Batman: Hush

Half assed plastic surgery.
Half assed plastic surgery.

Batman has already appeared in more films than any other DC hero, so the challenge for Ben Affleck's solo film will be to set his version apart from all the others that came before.

With numerous movie appearances and over 75 years of storylines to choose from, the Batman screenwriters have a difficult task ahead of them, but the plot of Jeph Loeb's Hush could certainly be a strong starting point.


It's easy to forget sometimes that Batman is also known as the World's Greatest Detective, so Bruce Wayne's quest to uncover the identity of Hush's villain could be a fascinating approach that delves into an aspect of the character rarely seen on the big screen.

Hush would also work well by connecting Batman to the rest of the DCEU, as the original story-line made extensive use of his supporting cast and rogues gallery, including fan favorites such as Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Superman.

2. Green Arrow: Escape From Super Max

Stephen who?
Stephen who?

The Season 4 finale of CW's Arrow airs this week, but the show's success hasn't stopped Warner Bros. from trying to develop a movie starring the Emerald Archer too.

Little has been revealed about the ongoing project, except that the plot will follow a wrongly incarcerated Green Arrow fighting his way out of a high security prison filled with a number of C-list villains.

Updates on the film's development have been sporadic at best, but if Warner Bros. fully commits to the project then Escape From Super Max could easily become the definitive Green Arrow story, reminding audiences that even a man with a bow and arrow can stand up against the likes of super-powered villains everywhere.

3. The Flash: Flashpoint

Taking the name 'Flash' to heart.
Taking the name 'Flash' to heart.

DC seems intent on keeping their TV and cinematic properties apart for the time being, so despite the success of The Flash TV show, a movie adaptation is also speeding its way to theaters soon. However, plot details remain scarce, leading fans to speculate on which iconic story lines could be used.

Ezra Miller's brief appearance as Barry Allen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice suggests that time travel could be an important factor in the speedster's solo outing, so it's likely that Warner Bros. will use Geoff Johns's very own story arc, Flashpoint, as a starting point.


The story opens with Allen waking up to a new world where Superman is imprisoned by the government and Aquaman's Atlantean forces are in battle with Wonder Woman's Amazonian troops.

A Flashpoint movie would draw upon the entire DCEU, but would still remain uniquely a Flash movie, essentially acting as DC's answer to Captain America: Civil War, which starred all of its heavy hitters while still telling a personal story about one particular hero.

4. Vertigo Comics

And you thought Batman V Superman was dark!
And you thought Batman V Superman was dark!

DC may be most famous for their iconic crime-fighting superheroes such as Batman and Superman, but the publisher has also made a name for itself through its unique, creator-owned Vertigo imprint that contains more adult-friendly material.

Properties such as Lucifer, Preacher and iZombie are already working well on TV, so who's to say that Johns and Berg can't expand the DCEU with characters from their Vertigo line?

Imagine a world where Swamp Thing, Animal Man and Doom Patrol all star in their own bizarre, R-rated movies. There's definitely a huge market for comic book properties that explore mature themes that deviate from the norm. People doubted Deadpool would work and look how that turned out.

5. Batwoman

Affleck better watch out.
Affleck better watch out.

While it's too early to predict how Batman's supporting cast will be involved in Affleck's solo movie, what we do know is that there aren't enough female heroes up there on the big screen. DC has already begun to work on improving this with their upcoming Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn movies, but if handled right, a Batwoman film could prove to the most popular of them all.

In just a few short years, the Batwoman comic has successfully established itself as a successful property in its own right, distancing itself from the Dark Knight through its grounded approach to super heroics and a sensitively handled take on LGBT issues.

A Batwoman movie featuring Kate Kane would be a huge step forward for both female and LGBT representation on a worldwide scale and would set the DCEU apart in a positive light. Fortunately, the recently announced Harley Quinn solo film will feature a primarily female cast, so it wouldn't be too difficult to introduce Kane alongside the Birds of Prey.

6. Teen Titans: Judas Contract

Aquaboy could be cool, right?
Aquaboy could be cool, right?

The primary focus at Warner Bros. right now is to bring DC's greatest heroes together to form the Justice League, but once they're fully established, the next logical step is to develop a movie starring the Teen Titans: the sidekicks who struck out on their own and became one of DC's most popular properties.

Last year, there was talk of developing a Teen Titans live-action show due to the popularity of the cartoon and CW's Arrowverse, but this project was officially cancelled recently, leaving the door wide open for a potential movie adaptation later down the line.

Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy and co. have had their fair share of popular storylines over the years, but the one most fans will clamor to see is The Judas Contract, a controversial arc where the villain Deathstroke plants a spy in the group's midst who later betrays the team with devastating consequences.

7. Green Lantern: Blackest Night

The Walking Dead: Season Eleven
The Walking Dead: Season Eleven

The upcoming reboot Green Lantern Corps will be released towards the end of the current DCEU movie schedule, presumably to distance the film as far as possible from the studio's first attempt at adapting Green Lantern for the big screen, so nothing is known about the project except that the focus will extend outwards to include the entire Corps.

One of the most popular crossovers featuring Green Lantern in recent years was Blackest Night, a company-wide event that featured a character named Nekron who resurrected dead superheroes in order to destroy the universe.

A tad depressing
A tad depressing

By the time Green Lantern Corps will be released, the DCEU will be firmly established, perhaps with a few deaths along the way, so this could be a powerful way to end this first "phase" of the DCEU, turning characters who have died into an evil force that the Justice League and friends must stop with the aid of the Green Lantern Corps.

Blackest Night was also written by Geoff Johns, so who better to helm the live-action adaptation than him? As if that weren't enough, a combination of zombies and superheroes is pure box office gold. Warner Bros. will be basically printing money at that point.


What would you like to see in the future of the DCEU?

More than just these guys, right?


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