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All of the CW's DC shows are winding to a close, and as sad as it is to depart this bright and brilliant world for a few months, at least the finales have been awesome so far, and there's no doubt that the last episode of The Flash will continue this streak. After a shaky start, Legends of Tomorrow really stepped it up in the last few episodes, delivering a satisfying and exciting finale.

With Vandal Savage finally killed (three times at once!), and the Legends' mission complete, we're left wondering what the team will do next in Season 2. But the concluding scene of the finale set up a neat situation, introducing Rex "Hourman" Tyler who had a dire warning for the Legends.

(Sidenote: let's just appreciate how this is one giant reference to that scene in Back To The Future 2, cos I'm still geeking out about that.)

Enter The Justice Society

Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 is full of potential and right now it's very difficult to predict what's going to happen. Season 1 defied expectation a lot — rather than falling back on tired tropes, Legends surprised us with twists and turns, taking the team to new and unexpected places.

The Legends visit the Old West.
The Legends visit the Old West.

This didn't always work, and sometimes the leaps in context (and logic) were somewhat jarring. But it was always enjoyable, exciting, and unpredictable, which honestly was really refreshing. And with the execs teasing new team members and a new mission, there's no limit to what Season 2 could do. Which is why this Jusitce Society hint is so exciting.

The Justice Society of America are a really interesting team in the DC comics. They were initially the precursor to the Justice League, as DC's first big hero team in the 1950s. In later comics, the Justice Society became Earth-2's equivalent of the Justice League, featuring heroes like Alan Scott as Green Lantern, Power Girl, and of course Jay Garrick as the Flash.

The Justice Society on Earth-2.
The Justice Society on Earth-2.

Earth-2 was introduced in The Flash Season 2, so we've already seen a lot of this parallel universe. There were plenty of teases about this Earth's heroes, like the names on Barry's phone — Hal (Jordan), Bruce (Wayne), and Diana (Prince). Atlantis was also mentioned several times, hinting at the presence of Aquaman. So could we actually see these heroes in Legends of Tomorrow Season 2?

Journey To Earth-2

Legends of Tomorrow is primarily a time travel show, but they did toy with space travel in Season 1, and it's not too much of a stretch to imagine inter-universe travel for the Legends as well. Anything is possible in this mad-cap series.

Ray, Mick, and Sara take down Vandal Savage.
Ray, Mick, and Sara take down Vandal Savage.

It all depends on whether this Justice Society really is from Earth-2, or Earth-1's future. We could see the Legends cross over into Earth-2, following Hourman's warnings into a new territory (for them). This could be really exciting, as we just caught a glimpse of Earth-2 in The Flash. There's still a lot of this world to explore, and those hints from Barry's phone to explain — are Hal, Bruce, and Diana members of the Justice Society?

Or maybe the Justice Society are actually a future heroic team, which could explain why Hourman arrived on the Waverider, and why he claims Mick Rory sent him. (Which also makes us wonder whether Mick is a member of the Justice Society. That would be odd.) This could tie in with the hints about the future that we had in The Flash Season 1, leaving it up to Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 to explain these clues.

Remember how this is a thing?
Remember how this is a thing?

Whether they're heading for the future or for Earth-2, all of this is likely to tie into that big DCTV crossover we've been promised for December of this year, and it could be Infinite Crisis time. We can really get lost in the possibilities for Legends of Tomorrow Season 2, but one thing's for certain — Hourman and the Justice Society can only take the show, and the CW multiverse, to new heights. And we can't wait!

Do you think Hourman and the Justice Society are from Earth-2, or Earth-1's future?


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