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Kendall Jenner was reportedly part of a bizarre waterbound abduction at Cannes when some random dudes managed to persuade her to get on their boat after claiming they were heading to billionaire Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's yacht party.

The model and reality star is said to have been waiting on a jetty for a smaller vessel to escort her to the star-studded event when some men asked her to get on board a boat that Kendall assumed was the transport service.

Kendall Jenner at Cannes on the night of the boat incident
Kendall Jenner at Cannes on the night of the boat incident

Soon after they chugged off into the water however, the men revealed that they were nothing to do with the Allen's decadent super-yacht shindig and were simply "random Eurotrash guys" who presumably wanted to add a touch of Cannes glamour to their entourage.

Thankfully, it seemed that the potentially threatening gesture was all in good (if not misguided) fun and the men in the boat soon released Kendall safely back onto dry land after she realized they were not part of Allen's staff.

Kendall as the interviewer fainted
Kendall as the interviewer fainted

This wasn't the first time poor Kendall was pranked at Cannes this year either. Earlier in the week a reporter who was interviewing her pretended to faint prompting panic from Jenner's entourage of security who believed the interviewer may have been shot. Luckily, Kendall was not in the line of fire as her minders initially feared and the 20-year-old quickly regained her composure and walked away leaving the reporter laying on the floor where he belonged.

Let's just hope that Kendall wasn't too scared during the boat incident, I'm sure that the men were friendly enough but her heart must have sank when she realized she had accidentally taken a potentially enormous risk. One thing's for sure, Kendall hasn't been too lucky in the past few months, from being roasted by the President himself to having her modelling credibility attacked, this gal has really been put through the wringer!

Do you think Kendall needs to up her security now she is growing in fame?

(Source: Mirror)


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