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If you ever thought you could get too close for comfort to Uma Thurman without setting off a right sh*tstorm, you better think again.

The Burnt actress recently appeared at the 23rd annual amFar Cinema Against AIDS gala in Cannes last week and was subjected to a rather uncomfortable encounter with a fellow attendee.

After winning a bid for a Victoria's Secret show package with a hefty $196,000, Italian business and former Fiat CEO Lapo Elkann thought it would be a great idea to go in for a kiss with Uma when he went to accept his prize. Unfortunately for him, nobody thought this deranged decision was funny or endearing. And although the actress appeared to laugh off his advances in front of the cameras, it has become very apparent that she is not happy about it at all. In fact, the non-consensual incident has been severely referred to as a very public case of sexual harassment.

Uma was having none of it
Uma was having none of it

And while Uma didn't make a personal statement about the uncomfortable encounter, her representative stirred up quite the commotion, revealing:

“It is opportunism at its worst. She wasn’t complicit in it. Somewhere in his head he must have thought it an appropriate way of behaving. It clearly wasn’t. She is very unhappy that this happened to her and feels violated.”
The incident is being regarded as sexual assault
The incident is being regarded as sexual assault

And no wonder! Making unwanted sexual advances is never acceptable. Neither does it have a place at a charity gala, or anywhere else in fact.

Quite frankly, it reminds us all of this totally uncalled-for moment in cinematic history:

Do you agree that this should be counted as sexual harassment?


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