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Josh Peck of Drake & Josh fame and 5 Seconds of Summer's Luke Hemmings have cemented their BFF status while showing off their shared surreal sense of humor in two hilarious (yet also a tad horrifying...) faceswaps.

The pair took to Twitter to gently rib each other over their respective careers by imitating each other in some seriously strange faceswaps that are straight out of uncanny valley.

Hemmings was the first to fire shots into the Twittersphere with his rendition of one of Josh's most famous lines from his time on his Nickelodeon smash hit show, and when it comes to Peck's face, I think we can safely say that it's original owner wore it better!

Naturally, Josh couldn't simply let this face-stealing crime ride and he replied back with a unique rendition of Hemmings's bands song 'She's Kind Of Hot' in one of the creepiest faceswaps I've seen since that Leo monstrosity.

While borrowing someones face to have a creepy in car singalong might not be your thing (although all these celebs would disagree with you...), the way these dudes beautiful friendship blossomed into BFF status earlier this year is truly Rom Com worthy.

Now there's a ship I can get behind. Sorry, Drake, it's all about Josh and Luke now!

Which celebs would you love to see Face swap?

(Source: MTV)


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