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Colin Baker may be best known to many of us for his work as the sixth doctor in Doctor Who, but 30 years after his tenure as the Doctor he has been reincarnated in a very different form!

Neighbours From Hell is an upcoming independent British horror/comedy directed by Jim Eaves and it's sure to make you look at your neighbors in a very different way! Check out the trailer for the film, which is currently searching for investors:

How crazy does that look! Read the synopsis below for more information:

On the brink of divorce from his wife Joanna, selfish slob Simon Fisher reluctantly agrees to attend a Halloween supper with his snobby next door neighbours, Phil and Pam. When Simon and Joanna arrive they meet the fifth guest, a mysterious old man. The stranger is in fact a demon, intent on imprisoning them in the house until midnight. Then he will decide which one of them to possess for the next one hundred years.
A horror comedy that plays on the prejudices we have for the people next door. Best get to know your neighbours - you might need them some day.

Guess who's coming to dinner, indeed!

Aside from Colin Baker, the film also stars Emmerdale actress Suzanne Shaw, comediennes Tiffany Stevenson and Angela Barnes, Never Mind the Buzzcocks panelist Paul Foot and former Big Brother star Chris R. Wright.

According to their website Neighbours From Hell is currently shooting, with a release date yet to be confirmed.

For more information on Neighbours From Hell you can check the film's website, Twitter, or Facebook.

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