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The fact that celebs hawk products on their Instagram accounts for wheelbarrows full of sweet, sweet $$$ has long been Hollywood's worst hidden secret, but after Scott Disick involuntarily revealed his instructions from the brand, we've been thinking just how much to these guys actually make posing by tea/makeup/protein shakes?

Just under a week ago, Scott Disick right royally pissed off his sponsors, the tastefully named "Bootea Shake," by accidentally posting their instructions which tells him exactly what to write and when to post the promotional image.

After this copy and past fuck up, Jezebel investigated just how much celebrities can expect to earn from these lucrative sponsorship deals and the colossal numbers involved might just make your eyes water.

Scott Disick

So, just how much did Scott earn for carelessly copying and pasting the instructions that were emailed to him? According to Jezebel's intrepid digging he earns at least $15,000 per post, but he normally deletes them after a while, presumably when the contract's up. Feeling guilty, eh?

Number Of Followers: 13 million

Amount Per Post: $15,000-$20,000

Kim Kardashian

Although Jezebel did not manage to obtain stats for Kim Kardashain's hawking charges, other websites claim she could buy a family sized house for just one Tweet...thinking about it, I bet THIS drama was product placement too.

Amount of Followers: 45.6 million (Twitter)

Cost Per Tweet: $200,000

Jenny McCarthy

When she isn't causing a resurgence of childhood diseases by trashing vaccination, McCarthy is raking it in on Instagram. And yep, that's the same teeth whitener. You'll be seeing a lot of it...

Amount of Followers: 672k followers

Cost Per Post: $3,500

Gigi Hadid

Amount of Followers: 11.6 million

Cost Per Post: Gigi's product placement moments are probably built into her lucrative Maybelline contract, but other sources say she earns up to $300,000 for the posts. Who knows!

Kendall Jenner

Kendall's Instagram use may have led to her being accused of not being a proper model by some industry insiders, but at least it's earning her some sweet kaching.

Amount of Followers: 43.6 million followers

Cost Per Post: $300,000

Blac Chyna

Amount of Followers: 4.5 million followers

Cost Per Post: 1 week: $2,000, 2 weeks: $2,500, 3 weeks:$3,000

Maybe I should start to follow all of those "like for like" commenters that haunt Kylie Jenner's page after all...

Are you surprised about how much celebs make by posing with products?

(Source: Jezebel)


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