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Man, what a potent mid-season episode that turned out to be. Following on the trend of last Sundays stellar episode geared toward progression and each story line finally moving forward, this built upon that as well as brought forth an abundance much needed explanations.

I must warn the following contains spoilers as well a slew of predictions based on the events that just occurred in last nights emotionally draining episode of GoT titled 'The Door'.

Greyjoy Drama

Just when it looks like Yara was about to become the first 'Queen' of the Iron Islands as cheers of 'YARA' broke out among the crowd of salty warriors, along comes uncle Euron to spoil the party. Euron pulls no punches as he easily admits to killing the former king due to lack of progression. No longer will he lead the men into pointless battles they can't win, he vows to travel across the sea to provide our favorite dragon queen Danny with the ships she so desperately needs to finally cross over to King's Landing. He plans on making her well as supplying additional services with his 'man-parts', all while Yara and Theon make a break for it and head to the high seas just as Euron expresses his need to kill his niece and nephew.


It would most definitely appear that Theon and Yara are merely making an escape knowing the Euron will lead to nothing but trouble, however with the mentioning of traveling to Danny to supply ships, I believe that Yara and Theon are going to try and make it there first. It will be a race between Euron and Yara to be the first to present their ships to the Queen. Girl power will reign supreme as Danny will welcome Yara finally bringing the Greyjoys fully into the mix.

Sansa: From Fragile Girl To Woman

Sansa finally put an end to the timid little girl persona and stepped forward as a strong woman. Mr. Little Finger his sincerest apologies for leaving Sansa in the murderous hands of Ramsay Bolton...but no no Mr. Little Finger...Sansa will have none of it as she basically tells him to stick his apologies and army where the sun don't shine, further showing her increasing power as she informs him that Brienne will cut him down in an instant if she suggests and there isn't a damn thing he can do about it. You could actually see the sorrow in Peter's eyes as he offers some advice in regards to Sansa's uncle, 'The Black Fish' and the army he has gathered that would most definitely rally for her cause. The question is what will Peter do. He's shown many times that when things don't go his way, he'll quickly turn on you. So will he take Sansa's rejection like a man and walk it off, or will he know act out against her like any spoiled little brat would?


Sansa is sending Brienne to meet with her uncle to further increase their armed forces before striking out against Ramsay. The significance behind this isn't just about building up the troop count, but Brienne's solo venture which mirrors some events in the book. This one seems like a deliberate move with the intentions of finally introducing 'Lady Stoneheart' into the mix. If you aren't familiar with that name and don't mind spoilers, a quick search will give you all the information you need. It's a character that should have been introduced a while ago...however her inclusion now will be nothing short of epic.

Arya's Second 'First Assignment'

After getting her ass kicked with sticks and fists again by the short-haired girl with no name, she's given another assignment, this time to take out an actress. While scoping out her soon-to-be victim she decides to watch a little bit of the play, which turns out to be a comedic re-enactment of when her father lost his head thanks to the forever-prick Joffrey. Not much else happened as there is still a large amount of mystery involving Arya's quest. I do believe the most significant piece lies within the little play she watched and the emotions it stirred up.


Though it was pure comedy, I believe the mission Arya was given was more about her seeing the play rather than the actual target. It was meant to stir up emotions and show that she may never truly be able to shed her true self... Arya Stark. She will either be given an assignment down the road, or be placed in a situation where she may have to choose between becoming 'No one,' or remaining Arya Stark forever.

Those Damned Children of the Woods

There has always been a giant cloud of mystery surrounding the White Walkers created an endless amount of questions. Who are the White Walkers? Where did they come from? What do the want? Tonight we were finally given a huge piece of the puzzle. Bran is lost in another flashback watching the 'Children of the woods' performing some form of ceremonial sacrifice to some man tied to a tree. Moments after they forced this dark blade into his heart we watch his eyes turn a familiar icy-blue. The White Walkers were created by 'The Children of the woods.' When their actions are questioned, they reveal that they in fact created the White Walkers to help defend the children from the ever-destructive forces of mankind. The bigger question would have to be what happened that caused the White Walkers to eventually turn on everyone.


The story seems like it will dive deeper into this story line this season, but I do believe that we will eventually learn that the first White Walker created is in fact the 'Night's King.' The biggest question has to be surrounding his desire to go after Bran Stark. Is it merely because he senses him becoming as powerful as the Raven, or is there something much deeper going on? Rumors have it that he was in fact a Stark himself, also named Bran. What if it turns out that he isn't trying to kill Bran, rather turn him into a White Walker and pass the torch? Consider your mind blown!

Back To The Other Side Of The World...

Jorah reveals to Danny that he has been inflicted with 'greyscale,' and though he loves her and wanted nothing more to stand by her side as she took back the 7 Kingdoms, he knows he's pretty much doomed and vows to peacefully walk away. Danny, does not wish to rule without her loyal friend and sends him off to find the cure. Is this a nice way of her sending him off or will he in fact find a cure? It can be cured in the early stages as it was for the late Princess Shireen, so maybe there is hope for Jorah after all. Meanwhile back at home Varys speaks of how peaceful things have come thanks to Tyrion's negotiation skills, but they both agree that something is missing. That something turns out to be someone who can speak directly to the people... another 'Red Priestess.'


Out of all that was going on the most important piece may just be the inclusion of a 'Red Priestess' and how she agreed to help with the cause because Danny is the 'Promised one.' Why would that be significant? Well, Melisandre believes Jon is 'The Prince who was promised,' and this lady believes Danny is 'The Princess who was promised.' Again, what's the significance? Oh, how about further validating the 'R+L=J' theory as both 'promised' individuals are related. Mind blown again?

Hodor = Hold the door

In what may have been GoT's most heartbreaking moment we learn the secrets behind Hodor's past and why all he speaks is his name. Deeply embedded in his head he was programmed with one objective, one goal, to be a hero and 'Hold the door,' ensuring Bran's safe escape from the White Walker attack. We in fact did watch him 'Hold the door' while being ripped to shreds by zombies as Bran and Meera made an exit into the snowy wastelands. Meanwhile, we further given a glimpse at how badass the 'Night's King' truly is as he obliterates the Raven with his gigantic ice blade. Oh and how about the fact that he's able to enter the dream world and interact with people, as we saw him grab Bran by the wrist? This guy is awesomely evil.


Game of Thrones does an awesome job at hiding major events in what seems like the most insignificant details. One thing that struck me as odd was how the 'child of the woods,' stabbed a White Walker with a spear to no effect, meanwhile Meera did the same exact thing shattering him to pieces much like when Jon Snow killed the Walker in HardHome. Did she merely pick up a spear with a Dragon Glass tip, or was there more to it? Could this be hidden little hint showcasing that the rumor in fact should read 'R+L=J&M?' Forget mind blown, we are talking full on implosion.

Rest in Peace Hodor and thank you for holding that door.

Bonus Sadness

The Death of our favorite Gentle Giant Hodor was devastating, but there was another death we can't ignore. The death of Bran's direwolf Summer. These direwolfs just can't catch a break as Summer was torn to pieces while trying to defend her master. Hopefully, the rumors that shaggy dog may still be alive hold true! The death of Summer can only mean that winter has finally taken over.


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