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For a while now I've been seeing all these promos for movies containing a big, scary, shark. At first I was like, "oh, Jaws reboot", and kept it moving; that is until I read news that Jason Statham will be starring in a movie, with a "Moby Dick" like story, except that instead of chasing a great white whale, the former Olympic Diver will be after a huge, prehistoric shark called a Megalodon.

Now, I thought this was just an attempt to create a myth about a shark bigger than the one in Jaws, with the aura of the Lockness Monster, but after further research it appears that 'MEG' actually existed. Scientists have found fossils that they believe belongs to the prehistoric ancestor of the Great White's that hunt in the oceans.

Meg was longer that the 50 yard line on a Football Field!

No lie! Scientists with kick ass brains have concluded that MEG was as long as 60 Feet when fully matured. That makes the Great White look like a small splat of white out on a brown piece of paper. This thing use to feed on giant whales for lunch and pick fights with the biggest beast in the sea, the real Moby Dick of prehistoric times known as Leviathan.

The biggest whale of them all!
The biggest whale of them all!

MEG's bite was no joke!

In 2008, at study was conducted to calculate the force of Megalodon's chomp. The results of that study states that when MEG chomped down on lunch, it was with a force of between 10.8 and 18.2 tons. NOTHING could survive that! The T-REX has nothing on this Apex Predator, a hunter who scientists believe was the biggest marine carnivore to have ever existed! Now we know who ate Godzilla.

MEG may still be ALIVE!

No one really knows why MEG went extinct, mind you that scientists have only ever recovered the fossils of MEG's teeth and not the whole skeletal system. The theory is that MEG died off due to the ICE AGE, or that its main food source, the giant whale was dying off which caused the MEG species to starve.

Due to the fact that this Apex Predator traveled all over the word for its prey, Scientists theorize that maybe, JUST maybe, MEG may have actually evolved over the centuries to be able to survive in areas of the ocean yet to be explored and we just haven't run into one yet. No one knows, but Scientists say that it is possible since we’ve only explored a tiny portion of our oceans and there is a VAST majority of marine life that lives in the first few hundred meters, where the sunlight can reach.

Until then, we can fear its distant cousin The Great White Shark or enjoy Jason Statham chasing the creature on the big screen hopefully soon in MEG!


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