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Movie Pilot and Crypt TV banded together to ask you, fans of horror, to come up with an absolutely chilling and terrifying one-sentence scare. This pitch would be turned into a short film, set to air on Crypt TV.

And the winner is...

Solon Papageorgiou!

If you haven't read his one-sentence scare, it's rather disturbing:

"I didn't have to outrun the serial killer; I just had to outrun my friend, running beside me."

How very eerie! Solon is ecstatic that his horrifying vision will come to fruition:

"Well, it's actually like a dream come true to be part of a larger project with this many people, participating and being able to visit the US and LA, meet new people and having new experiences. I'm very happy and excited about it!"

It was insanely difficult to choose just one winner, so we wanted to share with you some of our other favorites:

1. "Even though I took her batteries out, she still continues to talk to me."

Writer: Inside the Ears Podcast

2. "Even in the darkness, I could see her blue eyes with flecks of green staring at me from across my bedroom, the same eyes I'd driven away from when I left her body on the highway.”

Writer: Nick Staniforth

3."I shrieked in fear as the splinter I pulled out from under my fingernail turned out to be a long, slimy parasite."

Writers: Preston Altree

4. "As I lay paralyzed in my bed, the shadowy figure hovering over me hissed, 'Shhhhhh, it won't work if you wake him...'"

Writer: Matt Clancy

5. "I never knew what terror was until I witnessed my wife skin our baby boy and cook the skin for breakfast."

Writer: Davey Lance

What a twisted image.

6. "A deaf girl awakens to find herself covered in blood and bound tightly in a dark, creaky shed; three strangers help untie her but little does she know they aren't the saviors they appear to be."

Writers: Michelle Khorsand

7. "Once we opened the wall to expand the room, we discovered a network of in-wall tunnels and cameras watching our every move."

Writer: Angel Wood-Morton

8. "I never understood how he could have such a dark heart... until I ripped it out of his chest and saw it for myself."

Writer: Johnny N Monica Martinez

9. "I received a DVD in the mail and when I played it, I saw an older version of myself telling me, 'The world is about to end,' just as a blinding light burst through the window."

Writer: Joshua Millican

Except that I totally am.

Thanks to everyone who participated — your pitches certainly sent chills down our collective spines. Check out Crypt TV for more terrifying short films!

And take a look at our video in which I announced our winner and gave a shout-out to our top candidates!


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