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It's been over a week since ABC announced its final list of cancelled shows for next year. On that list was the musical comedy Galavant. I wrote an article several weeks ago praising the show, in hopes of earning it new fans.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Below is a Galavant tribute (you'll probably only enjoy this article if you were a fan of the show).

Goodnight, My Friend

Galavant's soundtrack is a piece of art, written by the man who wrote our childhoods: Mr. Alan Menken. Let's take a moment to remember some of the best songs of Galavant history (in my opinion):

5. Togetherness - The quarreling threesome of heroes sing about their troubles with each other, all the while claiming to be together, as one team. Warning: Hilarity ensues.

4. What Am I Feeling - This song was beautifully written and sung. Mallory Janssen gave it her all, and it paid off wonderfully. This scene actually made me feel sorry for the psycho-killer Queen Madalena.

3. Finally - The long-awaited for love song between Richard and Roberta, where they awkwardly describe their date the night before never fails to make me laugh. These two are perfect for each other, and the actors clearly have chemistry together.

2. Galavant - When I first discovered Galavant, it took about two seconds of this song to pull me in. From the very first note, I was hooked. Alan Menken really poured his heart and soul into this tune, and the show took every moment that it could to showcase it.

1. Galavant Recap - This is my favorite song in the entire show, reprising its original tune in order to recap the past season and giving the Jester (or, Steve) a well-deserved chance to show off his pipes (and, boy, did he shine)

Runner-up: Goodnight My Friend - The entire episode led to this moment, with nods and allusions to Richard's favorite song hidden throughout, including him singing the first line to Gareth, who proceeds to walk away. The heart behind this song and its calming tone make it one to remember.

There Was No Hero Quite Like Galavant!

Let's not forget about our favorite characters, the ones that we will miss so dearly.

The Jester (Ben Presley)

From the very first few moments of the series premiere, we have been blessed with the Jester's powerful voice. In my opinion, he was the best singer on the entire show (and that's saying something). He doesn't eat up a lot of screen time, yet manages to be one of the best characters in the entire show. We'll miss you and those days of old, Jester!

The Chef and Gwynne (Darren Evans and Sophie McShera)

These two adorable little pessimists have made us laugh- and have scared us quite a bit. From poisoning a whole room of royals to singing about their quite imminent demises, these two have been dearly loved throughout the course of the show. Enjoy your filth, rot, and leprosy Chef and Gwen!

The King and Queen of Valencia (Stanley Townsend and Genevieve Allenbury)

These two were present for most of the show, though they weren't that vital. Still, between his deep monotone, and her clueless royal attitude, they made for a great duo. Even though your family tree goes straight up, we'll miss you, King and Queen of Valencia!

Gareth (Vinnie Jones)

I have to say, seeing Vinnie Jones in this show was a bit of a surprise for me. I never would have pegged him as an actor willing to do a musical comedy on ABC. Yet, the show would have never been the same with him and, as fate would have it, he even got his very own song in Season 2. Best of luck on your next adventure, Gareth!


Well, good job, Roberta. We were sure Richard would die alone! She made us eat our words! Even though she was a latecomer to the show, she made her mark with her witty lines, compelling love story, and beautiful voice. Finally, a woman for Richard; goodbye, Roberta!

Sid (Luke Youngblood)

Galavant's underappreciated squire who could hardly get a word in edgewise will always have a special spot in our hearts. Whether he be leading an army of exactly one against the rulers of the kingdom or if he is pretending to be the hero he works for, Sid always managed to kill us- not literally, of course (I felt the need to clarify that if you know what I mean). He had the voice of an angel - Goodbye, Sid!

Madalena (Mallory Janssen)

The evil queen who always had something up her sleeve. She managed to stay in power up until the very end, but never gave up even when her kingdom was finally taken from her for good. Though she was really an awful person, we all inexplicably loved her. No one could make us feel these feelings but you, Madalena. Goodbye.

Isabella Maria Lucia Elizabetta of Valenica (Karen David)

The warrior princess who got our hero out of his funk. She kicked butt, loved, had her heart broken, had it mended and came back to kick butt again. Karen David's wonderful acting and stupendous voice truly brought this character to life. Good luck with your real life happily ever after, Izzy. Goodbye!

Richard (Timothy Omundson)

Our favorite sissy king started off the show as exactly that: a sissy queen... I mean king. King. But, when he finished off the show, he was a true hero and a changed man, as well as my own personal favorite. Goodnight, my friend, Richard. Goodbye.

Galavant (Joshua Sasse)

And finally, our favorite hero. He started from the top and fell hard. But, he came back and finished on a high note, saving his true love and his friends. The final fate for Galavant is a happy one, and we couldn't love it more! Enjoy your hero's journey. Goodbye, Galavant.

And, of course, special thanks to everyone who made the show possible. It was a blast! Thank you, thank you, thank you! And, goodbye to you too.


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