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Everybody has some form of childhood memory that revolves around Disney. Whether it was a trip to a Disney theme park, a favorite Disney Channel show, or one of Disney's classic films, the House of Mouse has long made a lasting impression on us all. One of the most popular and nostalgic Disney properties is no doubt Beauty and the Beast. This timeless animated classic has held its own over the years, staying popular even though this year marks its 25th anniversary (I'm old)!

Yep, for a quarter of a century, kids have been obsessed with this movie (just try dining at the Be Our Guest Restaurant at Disney World without a reservation!). Disney has been capitalizing on this obsession with new Beauty and the Beast-themed attractions at the Magic Kingdom as well as special DVD rereleases — but now it's going down the remake road.

In March 2017 we'll be gifted with a live-action remake of the beloved feature-length animation. And today we got our first look at the movie through a teaser trailer. This glimpse might not seem like a whole lot, but these precious few moments actually hold some valuable new information. Let's take a look:

Disney Easter Eggs

The Music

The biggest and most obvious callback is, of course, the music. Alan Menken, the musical genius behind your favorite Disney movies (Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Tangled) has returned for the live-action take on Beauty and the Beast. Not only will we hear the music from the first movie, but Menken has composed new songs for this incarnation.

The Ballroom

It might not look exactly the same, but the trailer features a ballroom dripping in chandeliers. The ballroom scene in Beauty and the Beast is a true classic. That opulent dance floor and those hanging crystals no doubt give you the nostalgic feels!

The Painting

If you know the original movie, then you probably saw that claw coming. When Belle pieces together the tattered painting, we get our first look at the prince within the Beast. That slashed painting is a huge homage to the original.

Lumiere & Cogsworth

We hear them bickering as Belle enters the castle. Sound familiar? This is just like the classic movie. Details like this make me even more excited because they prove that although the new movie may differ from the original, it will keep all of the aspects that made the animated film so great.

The Beast's Lounge

At one point in the trailer, we see candles melting down and a familiar locale in the background. It appears to be the Beast's lounge. This is where Belle helps him after he's attacked by wolves. This room is also the home of the insanely cute dog/ottoman!

The Rose In The Case

That flower might be one of the most widely known MacGuffins in history. The entire story of the original revolved around that rose and what it represented. Though the glass cover seems to have more decoration than its animated counterpart, the rose and its surroundings are much the same. Considering the meaning that the bloom carries, it only makes sense that the filmmakers would take great care in recreating it.

Beauty And The Beast Cast

(For a closer look at the entire cast, check out this article from Heather Snowden.)

Stanley Tucci

Tucci (The Hunger Games) is set to play a new character. Specifically, he'll be the grand piano named Cadenza. I think it's safe to assume the piano in the ballroom will most likely be Tucci's character.

Ewan McGregor

McGregor (Trainspotting) is set to play Lumiere, the French playboy candelabra. We hear Lumiere's voice-over as Belle enters the castle. I think we're all pretty psyched to hear Obi-Wan Kenobi sing "Be Our Guest"!

Ian McKellen

McKellen (Lord of the Rings) is playing Cogsworth, the uptight clock. As soon as I heard that McKellen was tackling this ticking role, I knew this was bound to be an amazing movie. We heard Cogsworth bickering with Lumiere in the trailer, and I have to say I got VERY excited, not to mention nostalgic, for this movie!

Emma Watson

Watson (Harry Potter series) is set to play Belle, otherwise known as the Beauty. I wasn't so sure about her casting when it was first announced. She just doesn't seem to fit the character. However, the trailer pretty much proves that Disney knows what it's doing, and I had no reason to doubt its casting capabilities. When we hear her call out in the trailer and then see her behind the rose, it brings back every nostalgic feeling from the original, which I'm sure was Disney's goal with the trailer.

Plot Points!

Beauty And The Beast

The piano, the ballroom, the chandeliers — put them all together and what do you have? The defining scene of the original Beauty and the Beast — even people who've never seen the movie know this scene. Mrs. Potts sings the theme song "Beauty and the Beast" while Belle and the Beast spin around the dance floor, resulting in a romantic moment on the balcony. Whether performed by Emma Thompson's Mrs. Potts or Tucci's Cadenza, I have no doubt this song will play a part in the movie. And we'll no doubt get to feast our eyes on a new version of the classic dancing scene.

The West Wing

No, this has nothing to do with Martin Sheen's NBC drama. Belle is forbidden to enter the west wing of the castle. Of course, she goes there anyway, and discovers the tattered painting of the Beast as well as the enchanted rose. This scene showed the audience the person inside the Beast and helped to humanize his character. We see the painting and Belle finding the rose, so it's only logical to conclude that the west wing will feature again in the new movie.

Belle's Entrance

In the original, Belle enters the castle while Lumiere and Cogsworth argue over what to do with her. Judging by the trailer, the scene seems to have made it into the remake.


In the original, Belle finds the picture of the prince already shredded. The trailer shows the Beast slashing the painting. Could this mean that we'll be seeing more of the Beast's backstory? IMDb lists the the Queen, the King and Young Prince as characters, so it seems that we'll get to see evidence of the Prince's selfishness. We may also get to see what happened to his parents. Were the King and Queen also cursed?

Be Our Guest

This song defined '90s Disney. Lumiere and the whole castle sang one of the most memorable songs of the movie. The trailer ends with the words "Be Our Guest 3.17.17," which hopefully means we'll get to see the huge musical number in live action!

Beauty and the Beast is indeed a classic. We all remember the lines and music from those good old days, back when we were 8 years old. Thank goodness Disney chose to remake Beauty, because I now have a reason to rewatch the original.

To check out some fun trivia about the tale as old as time, head over here!

Are you excited for Beauty and the Beast? What are you most looking forward to about the new film? Let me know in the comments!


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