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The Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked off in 2008, and since then we've been introduced to live screen adaptions of heroes and villains through movies and TV shows. Now, while the MCU may never end, we do know the next few movies that will fill up Phase 3. However, as excited as we are for the heroes, there is one more thing.....

Marvel Needs Some Villains, Better Ones

While Marvel has had excellent antagonists (Loki, Wilson Fisk, Red Skull, Winter Soldier) it's definitely had its fair share of lame baddies, I'm looking at you Malekith. So, which villains should will show up now? Let's get predicting-

Dr. Strange - Mephisto

While Baron Mordo is set to make an appearance, we have now word on the antagonist Mads Mikkelsen is playing. Even from his brief appearance in the teaser trailer, you really can't tell which villain that is. My theory, Mads is playing Mephisto, and what we saw, was a human form.

Mephisto is basically a demon, who was initially created as a foe to the Silver Surfer. Mephisto is also responsible for creating the Johnny Blaze version of Ghost Rider. His powers and abilities are mystical like creating illusions, altering time, and casting illusions. Oh yeah, and he's immortal.

Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2- Michael Korvac

Korvac has come into conflict with the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, and I think he'd fit here in the MCU. Now, his origin involve the Badoon, an alien race who's rights are with 20th Century Fox, but I'm pretty sure James Gunn could make it work.

Korvac was punished by The Badoon because he betrayed the human race, and was made into a cyborg. Pretty harsh. His powers include energy projection, teleportation, and matter alteration.

Spider-Man: Homecoming- The Vulture

If the rumors are to be believed, Michael Keaton will portray the Vulture. Even without this rumor, I always thought Vulture would be next. He is a great character and would be an excellent addition as MCU Spider-Mans first foe.

The rumor states that MCU Adrian Toomes will be given his wings by The Tinkerer, and it will be constructed out of Chitauri remains from the battle of New York. In the comics, Vulture gains enhanced strength with his harness and is able to maneuver through the air easily. His strength can match Spider-Man's, even though he's pretty old.

Thor: Ragnarok- Hela

This was just confirmed by Marvel, although Grandmaster and Executioner will also be present in the film.

Black Panther- Man-Ape

Black Panther has tons of villains, but Man-Ape is the most formidable in my opinion. He's big and has strength that would give T'Challa a run for his money.

M'Baku was a great Wakandan warrior and wanted to return it to its primitive days, so he asked for help from the White Gorilla Cult. After.... well.... eating white gorilla, he gained his powers. Apart from Wakandan training, M'Baku has superhuman strength and reflexes like the white gorilla. I guess you really are what you eat.

No? Bad Joke?

Stay tuned tomorrow where we tackle, Infinity War, The Ant-Man sequel, and Captain Marvel!

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