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Grant Gustin is the engine that drives The Flash — that much is inarguably true. His turn as Barry Allen has brought a new depth and dimension to superheroes on TV. But if Barry is the driving force of the show, then Season 2 has made it abundantly clear that it's Carlos Valdes's Cisco Ramon who is the soul of it. Seriously, where would Team S.T.A.R. Labs be without their friendly neighborhood Cisco to hold them together? Let's be real — they'd have fallen apart by now. Here's why Cisco Ramon is the MVP of the second season.

1. His Precog Abilities As Vibe

Cisco Ramon vibing in "The Flash."
Cisco Ramon vibing in "The Flash."

When Cisco first started getting his metahuman abilities, they were, well, not that helpful. Just random glimpses at alternate timelines that Cisco couldn't parse as he didn't realize what was happening to him. But over time, he learned to harness his powers and what he's seen has helped to do things like locate various metahumans on Earth-Two, tracking down Barry Allen's location when he was lost in the Time Vortex and presumed dead, and — this is the big one — confirming that it was a man they knew as Jay Garrick who was indeed Zoom. Cisco gets full credit for figuring out the mystery of the Big Bad of Season 2.

2. His Genius Saves The Day

There have been quite a few times this season where Barry Allen has been gone or out of commission and the team hasn't been able to rely on his super speed to save the day. Even with his velocity, they've encountered some terrifying metahumans that bested them the first time around, and it required a plan that went beyond Barry running fast. Enter Cisco Ramon and his best worst ideas ever. Thanks to his mechanical and scientific genius, he's always been able to rig a device that either helped Barry or stopped a metahuman dead in their tracks. Safe to say that none of the metahumans taken down this season could have been captured had it not been for his quick thinking, crazy ideas or improvisation.

3. His Heart

Cisco and Dante Ramon.
Cisco and Dante Ramon.

Everyone at S.T.A.R. Labs ultimately wants to do the right thing (though Earth-Two's Harrison Wells can be a bit of a dick and want to do it in the most Tony Stark of ways). But the second season has really shown Cisco's compassion, and that's manifested itself in various ways. Whether it was him wrestling with decisions of using his powers for fear of going to the dark side, or simply being the one to quietly comfort Caitlin when she was grieving, Cisco's heart is as big as his brain and it's often the glue that's held the team together. Plus, his attempts to repair his fractured relationship with his older brother were some of the more tearjerking moments of the entire season.

4. His Comedic Relief

Let's be real. We watch every episode of The Flash to see what amazing quote will come out of Cisco's mouth. He's had the lion's share of best dialogue this season, and if it's a witty quip, we can count on it to come from Cisco. Plus, he acts as the audience surrogate, being both the voice of reason and saying what we're all thinking as we watch, whether it's calling Harrison Wells — or Hartley Rathaway — or anyone a dick right to his face, making a topical pop culture reference, or calling out two of his friends for the obvious sexual tension between them. In a season often wrought with emotional turmoil and devastating loss, Cisco is the comedic relief we need to keep Team Flash, and the show itself, from going too dark.

This season has had some brutal moments, but they're all things that make The Flash a truly great show. With the season finale (for both The Flash and Arrow) on the horizon, make sure to check out five things we want to see happen.

The Flash season finale airs Tuesday, May 24 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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