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Marvel's Darth Vader series is impressive. Most impressive. But I don't need a Jedi mind trick to convince you of that! You'll be rooting for the Dark Side! And perfectly captures the might of The Dark Lord of The Sith. Finally, this is the comic you've been looking for! Let me explain!

This epic comic series will have you rooting for the Dark Side. Let's be real: The Dark Side of The Force is awesome! Who wouldn't want unlimited power?! I'm talking about shooting lightning from your finger tips. Or make high explosive and destructive screams at the top of your lungs. Sith can also conduct lightning into balls called, kinetite. Another amazing power of the Dark Side is by choking the opponent by using the Force. This comic series makes the Dark Side so appealing!!

Marvel's Darth Vader perfectly captures the awesome might of The Dark Lord of The Sith! He's cold, calculating, and shows literally no mercy to his foes. Frustrated by the destruction of the Death Star, he hires Boba Fett to hunt down Luke Skywalker. Vader doesn't trust the so-called loyalty of cloned commandoes. He searches for the birthplace of battle droids. Darth Vader also executes traitorous commanders with his lightsaber. And forces an alliance with Jabba The Hutt. In this comic, we get a sense of how little Darth Vader needs to speak. His presence speaks for himself. The characters around him barely dare to make him angry. Darth Vader is a force to be reckoned with. (Okay bad joke!)

This is the comic you've been looking for! Seriously, I can't stress enough how awesome this series is! I'm immensely glad that Disney bought Marvel Comics and Star Wars. It was a no brainer to make Star Wars comic books! It was like watching Star Wars in comic book form. And while I was reading Vader's dialogue, I could just hear the deep authoritative voice of James Earl Jones. We even see flashbacks to the Dark Lord's past. This is a smart approach. That way, we can have empathy for Darth Vader. But these flashbacks don't last long. Immediately, he continues to display his hatred for the galaxy and its inhabitants. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Marvel's Darth Vader!


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