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Horror movie fans everywhere will be happy to hear that the next Halloween movie is indeed, still happening. But that's not even the biggest announcement to come out this evening. Reports are saying that John Carpenter is actually coming back to the franchise as an executive producer!

Why Is This Huge News?

For those of you who aren't sure why this is mega horror news. It's because every single Halloween flick since the original (directed by John Carpenter) has been compared to it. Why? Because it's regarded as one of the greatest horror flicks of all time, let alone a Halloween movie. No matter how great the sequels were, the original Halloween film has always been the bar none could pass. And now that the next film has Carpenter as an executive producer, it's quite possible for us to see a Halloween movie in it's truest form.

Here's the epic announcement from John Carpenter himself:

38 years after the original Halloween, I’m going to help to try to make the 10th sequel the scariest of them all.

This is actually the 11th installment coming out, but who's counting right?

The franchise has also joined up with Blumhouse Productions, otherwise known as the studio behind recent horror heavyweights like Sinister, Paranormal Activity, and The Purge. Which is a far better track record than the previous studio behind the Halloween movies, Dimension Films.

Here's another statement from longtime producer, Malek Akkad:

Trancas International is thrilled to be teaming up with Miramax on 'Halloween', one of the most enduring horror franchises in film. We are also very excited to be working with Jason Blum and the whole team at Blumhouse. Together, along with the return of legendary filmmaker John Carpenter, we are eager to make a film that will be a milestone in the franchise’s legacy and that will excite the fans, young and old

And another statement from the team at Blumhouse:

Malek Akkad’s legacy with the ‘Halloween’ franchise accompanied by Blumhouse’s unprecedented talent in the horror genre lays the foundation of a formidable team to create the next chapter of this iconic fan favorite. Having John Carpenter godfather the reboot of the iconic franchise he helped create brings it full circle. We couldn’t be in better company bringing ‘Halloween’ back to the big screen.

Halloween’ is one of those milestone films that inspired everyone at our company to get into the world of scary movies. The great Malek Akkad and John Carpenter have a special place in the hearts of all genre fans and we are so excited that Miramax brought us together. We cannot wait to find and collaborate with the right filmmaker to give ‘Halloween’ fans the movie they deserve.

This Also Means That Michael Myers Will Likely Join Jason and Chucky For A Return In 2017

Chucky and Jason Voorhees also have plans to slash their ways back to the big screen in 2017. Leatherface is planning for a return as well, but if that will be next year or not is still unknown. And finally, Michael Myers is said to be making his comeback around Halloween of 2017. At least according to Bloody Disgusting and

All in all, this is humongous news, and I can't wait to hear more about it. What we do know is that with a new studio behind the Halloween franchise, and John Carpenter as the executive producer, this next installment could very well be one of the best.


Are you excited for Halloweens Return?


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