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Up to this point, the two existing films in the DCEU which were directed by Zack Snyder have had flashes of good story as well as talented actors but have not yet been able to bring those elements together into one coherent film. Snyder's films have been divisive to say the least. Many feel the DCEU is ready for change which is why I will argue that the future of the DCEU depends more on the success of Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman than it does on Justice League Part I.

A Proven Formula

David Ayer and Patty Jenkins will be among the first new directors to take a stab at success with Suicide Squad later this year and Wonder Woman in 2017. While DC is a totally different animal from its comic/cinematic counterpart, the one lesson it can take from Marvel is that as long as you have good stories and talent, anything can work. Unfortunately those two elements have not yet been fully realized in the DCEU.

Perhaps the best way of increasing the odds for that type of success is to frequently bring in a fresh slate of directors which has been a proven formula for Marvel. If David Ayer and Patty Jenkins succeed with their films, Warner Brothers should continue to follow that formula. This will insure that ideas and concepts remain fresh while avoiding the complacency that occurs when a single director is attached to a franchise for to long.

Tempered Expectations Now, Optimism Ahead

Many of the people I talked to about Justice League have expressed extremely tempered expectations due to Zack Snyder's unfavorable history in the DCEU. It seems like fans would be disappointed but not crushed and certainly not surprised if Justice League turns out to be another rotten affair. On the other hand, fans have more reasons to be optimistic for Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman simply because they are not directed by Zack Snyder. However, if the unthinkable occurs and both films flop, then a whole new atmosphere of disinterest and pessimism will set in because people would not have expected it as they do with Zack Snyder. The DCEU would be in dire straits moving forward.

The Bottom Line

Ayer and Jenkin's films have to be well-received. People are already interested in them and you can expect long lines at theaters, but fans need to be reassured that the DCEU and Warner Brothers are on the right path aside from the previous missteps .

There is no question that both Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman have a shot at being among the highest grossing films in the DCEU to date. If both films are well received, it will rejuvenate the fan-base and lend credence to the benefits of changing up the directing talent which has worked for Marvel. Subsequently, even If Justice League Part I performs well with fans, critics and at the box office (fingers crossed), I would still hope that Warner Brothers and DC move in a new direction away from Zack Snyder to avoid complacency. This would ultimately open up the DCEU to more new storytellers like David Ayer, Patty Jenkins, and Ben Affleck (soon to follow) who can bring fresh new perspectives and ideas on established characters that fans even now, are beginning to embrace.


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