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Last week the international trailer for Ghostbusters dropped, and not only is it stuffed full of hints and Easter Eggs, it's the funniest by far. We've got a good idea of all the characters too — there's Erin (Kristin Wiig) as the earnest but sweet scientist, Abby (Melissa McCarthy) as the shrewd badass, Patty (Leslie Jones) to ground the team and remind them why they're bustin' ghosts, and Holtzman (Kate McKinnon), the gadget maker with an irreverent dry wit. Not forgetting Chris Hemsworth's character, the dim-witted secretary Kevin who will probably turn evil at some point.

The characters already have an awesome dynamic, and it's great to see the team come together in the new trailer.

Ultimately, this seems to be a story driven by the people involved, and the humor looks like it will derive from the characters' reactions. Not to mention the actors themselves — in Empire's recent Ghostbusters issue, they revealed how some of the dialogue was improvised, with SNL veterans Wiig and McCarthy throwing in their trademark comic style.

"Eat my stream, a-hole!"
"Come out, Rowan, there's a toilet that needs unclogging."
"Rowan, collect your virginity from the lost and found."

The characters are one of the reasons we're so excited for this movie, as they already seem to be engaging, funny underdogs that the audience is bound to root for.

There's an interesting dramatic irony too, as the new international trailer reveals these Ghostbusters aren't taken seriously in their world, paralleling the furiously negative reaction to the trailers online. The media storm surrounding this has focused on the gender politics, which seem to be a contributing factor in why this film has so far provoked such furor. And yet, there's a thriving fan base of people who are excited for the film, but so far their voices have been drowned out by the angry din.

Politics aside, there's actually plenty of reasons to be excited for this film, as it's set to be one of the funniest, and most enjoyable films of this year. From fondly ridiculing selfie culture... "mass hysteria"...

...Ghostbusters already has plenty of funny moments that have us chuckling. And if you're still not convinced, director Paul Feig has explained why his critically acclaimed films often have odd trailers.

"My movies, for some reason, are really hard to do trailers for, because my comedy all comes from context, really. I’m not the guy who’s like joke-joke-joke, and here’s a one-liner one-liner one-liner. I do have those, but you have to get to know the characters, you have to settle in with them to get to know their personalities, saying, ‘Oh, that’s funny because that character doesn’t normally do this'."

Humor is very difficult to represent in snapshots, and if Feig's impressive filmography is anything to go by, Ghostbusters is bound to have plenty of laugh-out-loud moments.

But it's not just a comedy. The original Ghostbusters movies became cult classics thanks to their distinctive style and supernatural shenanigans. With all those callbacks to the original films, weird new ghosts and ectoplasm explosions galore, the creators of 2016's Ghostbusters reboot have proved they really know what they're doing.

And there's already plenty of mysteries, like why Stay Puft has a new look (is this a totally new ghost?), who's unleashing the supernatural onto the normal world, and what all of this has to do with the entity possessing Kevin.

Ultimately, aside from not really seeming that funny (and in light of the international trailer that argument falls away), Ghostbusters already seems like a really enjoyable, nerdy, and exciting movie. Here's hoping that people can just give it the benefit of the doubt, because right now it looks like one of the most fun movies of 2016, and I for one can't wait to see it.

Do you think Kevin is the secret villain of Ghostbusters?

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