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Game of Thrones fans are spoilt rotten, with a vast and expertly crafted fictional universe spawning an abundance of interesting characters, and even more interesting plot lines. But like all good things in life, we could always have a little more, so recent rumors suggesting a Jon Snow spin-off were music to the ears of many.

The rumor mill also suggested 29-year-old actor Kit Harington was in the running to reprise his role as one of the most adored on a show brimming with fan favorites. In particular, Snow was at the center of the long running "alive or dead" debate, pleasing fans everywhere with his recent resurrection.

"A Whole World Full Of Stories"

Jon Snow after his death (Credit: HBO)
Jon Snow after his death (Credit: HBO)

George RR Martin, the author or A Song of Ice and Fire — the series of novels the show is based on — added fuel to the fire, insinuating that he was sitting on a treasure trove of potential spinoffs and prequels, saying: “a whole world full of stories waiting to be told if HBO is interested."

However, programming executive Michael Lombardo has all but extinguished the flames of possibility. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lombardo explained that there are no plans at the current moment for offshoots to the current series. He said:

“Not knowing how this particular story ends, I don’t know. There are plenty of characters, second characters whom you could build a world around. We’re always drawn to a strong creative vision but we are not going to do that unless we feel their passion.”

Only Two More Seasons To Go?

A White Walker (Credit: HBO)
A White Walker (Credit: HBO)

In conjunction with this, showrunner Dan Weiss has previously mooted any extension to the GoT universe, explaining that "the job at hand is too enormous and challenging" to add any more branches that would be worthy of the source material.

Of course, in true Thrones style, things could always take a dramatic twist. It's still unclear how long the show will run, but previously the decision making producers have claimed the show is expected to run for 73 hours, with 13 additional episodes split across a seventh and eighth season.

The TV adaptation has garnered a frenzied following, with the show quickly becoming ingrained in popular culture. As a result, average viewership has increased season on season. While the debut season averaged 2.52 million viewers, Season 6 has attracted between 7 and 8 million.

Endless Possibilities

Tyrion and Daenerys (Credit: HBO)
Tyrion and Daenerys (Credit: HBO)

As Martin himself says, there is a world brimming with potential storylines. The show is notorious for interweaving a large volume of characters and narratives across the fictional "known world" of Westeros, Essos and Sothoryos, with the majority of storylines based in the former.

In addition to a Jon Snow spin-off, the possibilities are endless. Imagine a prequel series exploring Tyrion's backstory, or a look at events before the Mad King's death, or even an exploration of the mysterious Sothroyos, and all the interesting creatures that exist there. Imagine!

Until these become a reality, we'll just have to wait until the sixth episode, "Blood of My Blood", which is released on May 29.

Would you eventually like to see a Game of Thrones spin-off?

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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