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The third season of Fargo has finally found its leading man and it appears that Scottish actor Ewan McGregor will soon be heading for the Midwest to star in FX's Emmy-winning anthology drama. This exciting news was announced over the weekend, including the snippet of information that the Star Wars and upcoming Trainspotting 2 star will be bringing to the small screen two Minnesotan brothers. Yes, that's right — in his first proper venture into television, McGregor will be playing not one, but two, characters in Fargo.

And with this, he joins a slew of Hollywood veterans to jump over to the TV format, including Matthew McConaughey in True Detective and former Fargo stars Billy Bob Thornton and Kirsten Dunst contributing exceptional performances to the Midwest drama in recent years.

What can we expect from Ewan McGregor in season 3 of Fargo?

Ewan McGregor will play two brothers in season 3 of Fargo
Ewan McGregor will play two brothers in season 3 of Fargo

As far as we know, McGregor will play the Stussy siblings. The older brother Emmett is a handsome real-estate mogul, who is a wildly successful and a family man. According to sources, he is referred to as the 'Parking Lot King of Minnesota.' Comparatively, the younger brother, Ray, leads a rather different lifestyle as a pot-bellied and rather bitter parole officer with a chip on his shoulder.

Casting for season 3 of Fargo is still underway so details regarding the production remain sparse. However, it has been confirmed that the new season is rumored to integrate a returning character from season one. Additionally, we know that the next storyline will be set around 2010, fast-forwarding quite a few decades from the turmoil of the late '70s in season two:

Production is expected to go into full-force later on this year with Ewan McGregor in Fargo season three, with the premiere scheduled for the first quarter of 2017.

Are you excited to see Ewan McGregor play two characters in Fargo?


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