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25 years ago, Thelma and Louise catapulted themselves off a cliff in Ridley Scott's 1991 blockbuster of the same name and it instantly hit a nerve with the film-viewing public. Nominated for five Oscars and seven BAFTAs, it rapidly became one of the most iconic American road trip movies to date and even in 2016, its influence is exemplary in just how far Hollywood has come in its depiction of female empowerment.

Not only did it bring critical acclaim to actresses Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon, but it also thrust Hollywood stalwart Brad Pitt into the glaring limelight as he set hearts racing all over the globe in his path to being named one of the sexiest men alive. Twice.

So, in celebration of all of the above, let's take a look at exactly how far the cast has come in the last quarter of a century:

1. Thelma - Geena Davis

By the time she starred in Thelma & Louise, Geena Davis had already won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for The Accidental Tourist in 1998. Following her role in the cult movie though, she furthered her career in a number of '90s blockbusters, such as A League of Their Own and the Stuart Little series.

Since, she's also become quite the gender equality activist in Hollywood and in 2007, she founded the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, which supports gender issues in the arts.

2. Louise - Susan Sarandon

Following Thelma & Louise, Susan Sarandon received three more nomination for Best Actress at the Academy Awards. She finally won in 1995 for Dead Man Walking. Following this, she has continued her Hollywood streak, starring in blockbusters such as Little Women, Enchanted, The Lovely Bones, amongst many others.

Oh, and as well as spotting her at various award shows looking as fabulous as ever, you can also catch her in TV series Feud and The Death and Life of John F. Donovan next year.

3. Jimmy - Michael Madsen

Since playing Louise's boyfriend, has racked up quite the film repertoire. Including starring in Donnie Brasco, Species, Die Another Day, Sin City and Free Willy, he's also appeared in Reservoir Dogs and last year's The Hateful Eight.

4. Detective Hal Slocumb - Harvey Keitel

Harvey Keitel was already very established in the film industry before Thelma & Louise, having starred to a number of Martin Scorsese films such as Mean Streets and Taxi Driver in the '70s.

Since then, he's also appeared in Reservoir Dogs, The Piano, Pulp Fiction, From Dusk till Dawn, with two films currently also in post-production (Lies We Tell and The Comedian). Busy or what?

5. J.D. - Brad Pitt

As already mentioned, Brad Pitt basically became a household name after taking his top off in the 1991 and having some pretty awesome sex with Thelma.

Since, he's starred in Interview with the Vampire, Seven, 12 Monkeys, Fight Club, the Ocean’s Eleven series, Troy, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Inglourious Basterds, Moneyball, World War Z and Fury. Currently his blockbusters War Machine, Allied and World War Z 2 are in post-production. He's also a proud father to a a seemingly never-ending brood of beautiful children.

And now that you've familiarized yourself with what the cast have been up to since that iconic premiere back in 1991, plunge yourself right into the trailer below:

What is your favorite thing about Thelma & Louise?


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