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After a serious bout of appendicitis and one "complications" ridden surgery resulted in Joe Manganiello being hospitalized for an undisclosed length of time, we were all left worrying that the road to recovery for our fave True Blood hunk could be a long one.

However, thanks to a image shared by his wife, Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara on Instagram, it would seem he's back to a beautiful picture health!

Captioned, “ afternoon tea parties ,” the pair can be seen flashing their pearly whites while raising a toast (of something which I'm fairly sure is not tea) to the camera — and we all breathed a sigh of relief.

The news of his health hasn't just come as welcome surprise for his fans, obviously — Vergara must be over the moon, especially as the news of his appendicitis came just six months after the pair wed in a star-studded ceremony in Palm Beach last November. Major phew's all round!

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