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She might not have intended for any shade to be thrown, but regardless of her intentions Anne Hathaway accidentally started a storm of controversy after posting an image to Instagram.

On Monday the new mom shared an image of Alice Through the Looking Glass star Helena Bonham Carter. Text underneath the image told fans "In a world of Kardashians … Be a Helena Bonham Carter." Hathaway caption the image "(Red) Queen," referring to Bonham Carter's Alice character.

Source: Daily Mail
Source: Daily Mail

But while there's no doubt that Bonham Carter has very different views on aging and appearance than the Kardashians (last month the 50-year-old told Harper's Bazaar, "You can’t worry about things you can’t do anything about"), the internet did not take kindly to Hathaway's post, which was met with backlash. One commenter wrote "Really Anne? You don’t have to put other people down to bring someone up."

But sensing that her post had struck a nerve, Hathaway showed just what a class act she was, and quickly deleted the image and replaced it with one stating "post removed for unintended shade thrown." The Academy Award-winner pled innocence in her caption, writing, "It never occurred to me I was pitting anyone against each other. Not my style. Peace x"

And it seems like Hathaway really is speaking the truth. In fact, just eight months ago the star showed her Kardashian support when she told Refinery29 that she was impressed by Kim Kardashian's support of Caitlyn Jenner during her transition, saying:

"I used to be like everyone else and think the Kardashians are just famous for being famous. But I've been really impressed with how supportive Kim Kardashian has been of Caitlyn Jenner."

Do you think Anne Hathaway responded well?

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