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Modeling goddess Ashley Graham seems to be everywhere these days, gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine, appearing in a slew of high-profile fashion campaigns and even appearing in Joe Jonas's latest music video.

And now, the 28-year-old has decided to crank up the heat a notch by launching an 11-piece swimsuit line with a rather familiar movie theme.

"The name's Graham, Ashley, Graham..."
"The name's Graham, Ashley, Graham..."

Indeed, Ashley has just announced details of her new James Bond-inspired collection, which features style names such as 'Espionage,' 'Secret Agent' and 'Heist.' In attempts to further female empowerment to the max, the model had this to say ahead of the launch:

“I wanted [my customer] to not feel like a Bond girl, but to feel like the badass Mr. Bond himself. When you put on these suits, you can take over the world. ... That’s what I’m doing! I put on a suit and took over the world!”

Wavering the fact that her suit was of a more revealing nature, one that Mr. Bond would probably never be seen in, during her interview with Refinery29, Graham spoke of her dedication to her brand. She said:

“Working with Swimsuitsforall a couple years ago with the ad in Sports Illustrated was such an impactful moment on my career. We were madly in love. And when you’re madly in love, you just want to spend the rest of your lives together, so that’s what we plan on doing — and changing the world one bikini at a time.”

Whoever the next actor to play Mr. Bond will end up being, will be very supportive of such a stance, I'm sure.

And as for those ladies filled with a sense of dread at the prospect of stepping out in a bikini on the beach, Ashley provided the following advice:

"Just do it! I mean, there’s a moment where you’ll think, What the heck am I doing? I don’t feel like I fit in, I don’t feel like this is for me. One of the things I always tell women is, if you step outside your boundaries, if you get a little uncomfortable, all you’re going to do is grow as a person, grow in your fashion, grow in your mind, and you’re actually probably going to love what you see.”

You go, gurl! Keep 'em truths coming!

What do you think of Ashley's swimsuit collection?


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