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While the Alien franchise has continued on a more modern path, Ridley Scott's classic sci-fi epic will forever be an inspiration. It's not surprising, then, that the old storyboards look like actual works of art and speak to the level of detail and thought that was put into each shot. Below, discover the storyboards for one of the most iconic scenes of the original Alien.

Those Storyboards Should Be Published!

The stunning amount of detail in these scene sketches makes them truly gorgeous. Even the text is so clear and well written! Plus, not all storyboards include color, but we already get the mood of the movie from just a few frames.

It's safe to say that Ridley Scott could have considered a career as an illustrator if he hadn't been so insanely successful as a director. He's worked as a set designer for the BBC before his big break, which is probably where he got such a careful attention to detail from.

The boards even include the iconic alien birthing scene, captioned with a straightforward yet chilling description:

Creature punches out of Kane's chest, uttering a birth cry. As it gets its bearings then it runs out of the light — disappears!

While these frames are only available on Imgur right now, they really make me wish for a full behind-the-scenes book so we get to see more of these wonderful drawings.

Storyboards Aren't Always As Gorgeous

Speaking of space and storyboards, it's certainly not on the same level as the drawings shared by Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn on his Facebook page. Not that these aren't hilarious — but they really make Scott's drawing skills even more impressive.

What's your favorite frame in these Alien storyboards?

(Source: Imgur)


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