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Back in 1991, when the cast of Thelma & Louise hit the premiere red carpet, Brad Pitt was a relatively unknown actor in Hollywood trying to land his big break. Fast forward 25 years and he's one of the most recognized stars in the business and of course, a repeat winner of the Sexiest Man Alive award.

To gather a glimpse of what triggered our rampant obsession with one of Hollywood's biggest heartthrob, sneak a peek at his rippling Adonis abs, floppy blonde hair and cheeky demeanor in the 1991 cult classic:

Thankfully, since he was catapulted to stardom in the early '90s, Brad has remained solidly on our radar of some of the hottest babes to walk this Earth. So, in celebration of the Thelma & Louise 25-year anniversary and the fact that he continues to quicken our pulses and make us salivate uncontrollably whenever he appears on screen, here are Brad's hottest moment in recent decades:

1. That time he was such a cute tease

And we lapped it right up!

2. That time he wore a sun hat and dungarees and we practically forgot how to breathe

A pure image of perfection.

3. That time we thought this photoshoot was the best thing to grace our eyeballs

That headband, doe!

4. That time he drove a vehicle and looked like this

I bet you're sad you weren't in the passenger seat.

5. That time you wished he would just sink his teeth into you à la Interview with A Vampire


6. That time we realized this Vanity Fair cover was everything we had ever wanted

I can't even.

7. That time he was so hot he had to lie down to sip on this cup of coffee

Life is hard when you look that good.

8. That time he was the main reason we went to see Legends of the Fall

Sorry but it's the truth.

9. That time he brandished some pretty huge swords in Troy

Wow. Can you please do that again?

10. That time he looked at Angelina Jolie like this in Mr. & Mrs. Smith and our hearts melted away

And so they joined the ranks of all those on-screen couples who became a real thing.

11. That time we met him in the middle in A Curious of Benjamin Button and it was everything

Oh Cate Blanchett, you lucky thing, you!

12. That time he was the face of Chanel and we couldn't have been more grateful

Loving the flowing locks and beard, Brad.

13. That time he was the total package

Don't even try to disagree.

14. That time he channeled some '80s glam last year and looked as good as ever

Once again, this interview in V magazine reminded us why we love him so much.

Which Brad Pitt moment made you weak at the knees?


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