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On orders to hunt down the Rebels and especially the Jedi among them, Darth Vader begins an oppressive campaign against Lothal's populace in order to find the group.

Darth Vader.
Darth Vader.

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I love this show!

Being in this universe with the characters, new and old, the planets and the music.

You learn more about the characters in this season but I also like the throughout the season, different characters take the focus of episodes so you aren’t always seeing the same ones and getting more of their story over someone else.

Like Season One, Chopper, is the stand out for me. Who would think a character who can't speak would be so entertaining but through characteristic beeps and hand gestures, they gave him show stealing personality!

Be sure the check out the 18th episode - 'The Forgotten Droid' - it's the best episode of the series!

You do get to see some Star Wars characters from the movies, like Princess Leia, Yoda and Darth Vader, with an added bonus that the actors that played them return to voice their character. This season also includes voices talents like Sarah Michelle Gellar and Gina Torres.

There are some moments in the show that, when it’s possible, the two Jedi seem to conveniently forget that they have force powers.

It may air on Disney XD but it manages to be a show for both kids and adults, sometimes though some scenes seem to be more adult. It's awesome getting to see new worlds and new creatures in the Star Wars Universe.

This is a show where you can watch both seasons again and I will most definitely be watching Season Three!


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