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Harley Quinn, who fell for the Joker while acting as a therapist in Arkham Asylum, proves that love forms in even the strangest of circumstances. But although Quinn has a long lasting love affair with the Clown Prince of Crime, someone else looks set to catch her eye in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie.

The third instalment of the DC Extended Universe will be exploring the psychotic world of antiheroes, including a rich ensemble of complex villains. As well as Jared Leto's anticipated performance as the Joker, Floyd Lawton/Deadshot (Will Smith) and Quinn (Margot Robbie) will have influential roles in David Ayer's flick.

Is It Love That They're Feeling?

(Credit: DC Comics)
(Credit: DC Comics)

While lucky early viewers have revealed Batman's role in the movie, little has yet been explained about the relationship between two (or three?) potential lovebirds. In the comics, the DCnU version of Harley Quinn is attracted to Deadshot from the moment they meet, and the pair have sex in Suicide Squad #3 (sparking a bizarre reference to a Clown Car from Quinn).

(Credit: DC Comics)
(Credit: DC Comics)

This could cause problems, as Quinn will no doubt also be fond of the Joker. Will Smith has suggested this conflict of interest could result in a love triangle between three criminals you really wouldn't want to upset. In an interview with Empire Magazine late last year, he said:

“Harley is the biggest troublemaker, but Deadshot’s actually eyeballing her a little bit. There’s a pretty ragged romantic triangle there.”
(Credit: DC Comics)
(Credit: DC Comics)

Although the evil task force have their own black ops mission, if the foreboding isosceles shaped romance is fully explored on the big screen, the DCEU may be seeing their own civil war between two of the universe's most dangerous villains.

A Much Needed Boost To The DCEU?

Suicide Squad will be looking to bring some much needed good news to Warner Bros., after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice received scornful reviews despite making $868.2 million at the box office. Promisingly, early reactions on social media from a special screening in Union City, California, appear positive.

Ben Affleck's Batman is one of the biggest talking points from the early screening, as well as the performance of Margot Robbie. The news will be a welcome boost for Warner Bros., who underwent some big changes behind the scenes, recently launching a new superhero subsidiary, DC Films.

As for Smith and Robbie, we'll just have to wait and see whether they follow last year's Focus with another onscreen romance. Either way, I doubt the Joker will be too happy.

Suicide Squad is released on August 5.

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