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We were all raised differently. Some of us got the belt, some of us got a firm talking to. One thing we know for sure though, threatening your kids with the boogie man is nothing new.

For the past couple of months business has been booming for Wrinkles The Clown, and not just for showing up at parties. Wrinkles told Peter Holley from The Washington Post that he is making a living off scaring children. Recently Wrinkles shared some of his voicemails with us, and this one especially stood out because you can really hear the terror in this child's voice. The father called and said "I'm just calling again for Ahkeem and I think you need to come get him, he's been acting up again." In the midst of this you can hear this kid losing his mind with dread. So is this genius parenting or just plain cruel? Listen to this poor kid cry his eyes out as his father makes him apologize for his bad behavior.

The crazy thing is, this isn't the first time a parent has used Wrinkles to threaten their children. Last year parents all over the internet were shocked and furious at these tactics. Elizabeth Licata, writer for asked parents "please do not hire a clown to terrify your kids into behaving."

Maybe hiring Wrinkles to hide under your child's bed is a little over the top, but it all depends on who you ask. In the scope of things, I think little Ahkeem got off the hook fairly easily. I mean, can you imagine the paralyzing fear going through this little girl's head every time she watches this video? I am willing to bet she has been on the straight and narrow ever since!

Some mom's aren't amused...not one bit.

So how do you weigh in on these methods of discipline?


Would Wrinkles be a viable option in your world of parenting, or is this just plain cruel?


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