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Bigger, Badder, Bolder...and FREE!!!

After a shaky start with their first Roku channel, the team at Filthy Fingernails Productions were far from satisfied, so they learned, listened to their fans and are now coming back with a channel that aims to please! Introducing Hillbilly Horror Show: Part Duh, now available in your Roku Store under New Releases!

This sleek new channel far exceeds its predecessor; offering more content that includes 4 full length features including the 8-time international award-winning horror-thriller, House of Good and Evil. You'll also find loads of short bonus content, which features Brother, starring Capone Lee, along with behind-the-scenes footage, bloopers, and some great indie trailers that you may have missed.

Learning and navigating the world of streaming media can be a challenge. Whether it's YouTube, Roku, or any number of streaming devices out there, figuring out how to build an appealing channel can be tough. There are so many parameters to fill that the artwork and video media alone can take weeks to assemble and implement.

We asked Bo Keister, project manager for Filthy Fingernails and star of Hillbilly Horror Show, about the demands of building a channel from the ground up:

It's intimidating at first. I'm many things and a software developer isn't one of them, but I took it on as a personal challenge. We really wanted to give the fans something cool and fun; offer them a channel where they could get some content that they won't find readily available elsewhere, and give the filmmakers we've partnered with broader exposure. We missed the mark with our first channel, but I consider that growing pains. We learned from that, and really pushed hard to create something better. Those efforts, along with our new partnership with Instant TV Channel, have paid off in a big way. I think our fans are going to love what we've done.

Roku users can find and install Hillbilly Horror Show: Part Duh completely free from their device. It can be found in the menu under Streaming Channels/New or through direct search. The channel can also be added from their user account using the code: hillbilly2

For more information about Hillbilly Horror Show visit their pages below. And don't forget to be on the lookout for Filthy Fingernails next channel, Roller Hockey TV!

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