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Pink might be ballsy enough to sing about leaving desperate blokes with only their wank hand for company and to perform a half-naked ariel routine suspended hundreds of feet above the floor, but she is just as bashful as most of us would be when it comes to being thrust face-to-face with Johnny Depp.

The 36-year-old appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her new Alice Through The Looking Glass single 'Just Like Fire' and she confessed to the talk show host that she avoided her crush Depp backstage because whenever she comes face to face with someone she finds too easy on the eyes she "can't talk."

Pink totally let her chances to meet Keaton and Depp go
Pink totally let her chances to meet Keaton and Depp go

After revealing some hilarious stories about how she escaped from being red-faced in front of her other crush, Michael Keaton, Pink was surprised when her dreamboat and biggest nightmare combined, Depp, strolled onto the stage.

Get ready to totally see yourself in Pink in the clip below as she dissolves into Jelly in front of Depp:

If you totally understand the Depp-related melt down that Pink dissolved into and don't have time to park yourself in front of one of his swoon-worthy movies, may I suggest this article to keep riding the wave of euphoria, possibly with a side order of this video. You're welcome!

What would you do if you were caught unexpectedly face-to-face with Johnny Depp?

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