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As a kid, Finding Nemo was my absolute favorite movie. It was funny, beautiful and most of all, it touched me on a very deep, emotional level. Its focus on family really captured the audience. Now, Pixar's sequel Finding Dory is about to come out, and we just received the new trailer! Here's a breakdown of its cute moments, funny moments and most nostalgic moments. And don't forget to check out a rundown of the cast here!

First of all, check out the new trailer here:

Dory's Nostalgic Moments

"I suffer from short-term memory loss, it runs in my family! At least, I think it does."

Dory is no doubt the main focus of your Nemo memories. She's funny and cute, and all because of her forgetful nature, which was a main thread of the first movie. But thanks to Marlin, she finds that she can actually remember things! P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney! Hearing that line reminds people of Dory's last adventure and all of her memorable antics.

The cooler on the butt — I mean, boat.

In the original movie, Nemo tries to prove how grown up he is by swimming out to sea and touching the "butt," which is what the school children call boats. ("That's a pretty big butt.") While swimming back, he's scooped up and put in a cooler. Frightening! In the trailer, we see the same thing happen to Dory, before she's taken to the Marine Life Center.

"Something with one big eye, tentacles, and a snappy thing?"

The scene where Nemo, Marlin and Dory encounter the squid is no doubt a deliberate callback to the angler fish scene from Finding Nemo. That was one of my favorite parts as a kid because of Dory believing Marlin is her conscience ("Hey conscience? Am I dead?").


Crush was one of the best characters from the first movie. The surfer-dude turtle helped Marlin relax and trust people. And now he's back! "Surfs up, dude!" (I'm so excited right now!)

"Just keep swimming!"

This was the line we all quoted. Dory came up with this song to help convince Marlin to never give up. When you hear it again in the trailer, you probably feel as I did — super nostalgic and super happy!

Dory's Funny Moments

Sick fish

Dory's humor has a charming and quirky feel, and the scene with the sneezing fish reminded me of the tank gang from the first film. "I feel fantastic!" *sneeze* "Dude."


At one point we see Ty Burrell's character, the beluga whale Bailey, who attempts to use his echolocation. "Oooooooh — I feel stupid." You've gotta love Ty Burrell!


Marlin obviously still has trust issues. Nemo, speaking of his new bird friend, says, "I trust Becky!" Marlin responds, "You trust Becky? Becky's eating a cup."

Dory's Cute Moments

"Hi, I'm Dory."

At one point in the trailer, the screen goes black and we hear baby Dory! She sounds so adorable as she delivers one of her classic lines.


We've seen a lot of Hank the octopus. It seems like he might play a role similar to Gil's from the first movie, as that of a guide to the lost little fish. Dory tells him she needs to find her family and he replies, "That's gonna be a hard one, kid." At least it's reassuring to know that someone's on board to help our friend.


At one point, Dory seems really downtrodden. Two crabs try to lift her spirits. One says, "I guess you're stuck here." The other replies, "You're not helping, Bill." I hope we see more of these two because they're just too delightful to not have a bigger part to play.

Natural predators

The new Nigel seems to be these two sea lions. They might pose a threat, but they honestly just seem too lazy to hurt our friends. On top of that, they're really endearing! Just look at those faces! Want one.

There's so much to love about the new trailer for Finding Dory. It looks like the movie will be a great furthering of the epic and beloved story. The character Dory holds many good memories in our hearts. Thank goodness we only have a couple more weeks to wait for our friends' long-overdue return to the big screen. Finding Dory hits theaters on June 17!

What was your favorite part of the trailer? What's your favorite Finding Nemo memory? Tell me in the comments!


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