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Welcome to Arkham Asylum!! The road to wellness starts here! Are you mentally ill? Have you been caught by a super hero? Maybe the streets of Gotham have driven you into pain and despair? Well worry not, help is not far away. The staff at Arkham Asylum is here to help assess, correct, rehabilitate and fix; you. There is no one we can't help. No one....

"I think you and I are destined to do this forever" -Joker

"You'll be in a padded cell forever" -Batman

It is pretty safe to say that comic fans and movie goers agree, Heath Ledgers performance as the Joker was one of the best; if not the best portrayal to date. For me personally, I felt that this adaptation was by far the greatest way to begin a character such as this and like many was saddened by the passing of a great actor, who surely would have taken the Joker further than ever before. However, Fans didn't let the character die out into history. They asked the questions; Where did the Joker go? What happened to him? And they gave possible answers in the form of many Fan Films Proceeding the Dark Knight films that showcase our love for not only the content but the characters that are built off of it.

In 2014, I also had an idea for a Joker Fan film that would as well explain his story. I got together with Local Film makers Occulus Films to create our test scene (below) to see how it went over.

The Ledger Joker worked so well because he embodied the character and explored it within himself, creating his persona and delivering his performance. I noticed so many Fan films based on the Dark Knight Joker; though awesome and full of passion and dedication, seemed to focus more on the recreation of Ledgers performance and getting that right, more so than on the actual character of the Joker. I wasn't looking to simply copy or impersonate. I wanted to build off of it. I found the question of "What happens to the Joker?" was less important than the one no one has asked "How does what happens next effect him?". What darkness does the Joker experience in Arkham that would drive him from chaos to lunacy?

Witness the fall into lunacy
Witness the fall into lunacy

We would like to show you..Now we all know the Jokers story doesn't end dangling from a building, in fact he's Batman's biggest villain; He's just getting started. To begin this saga, I have teamed up with some amazing Arizona Film makers to bring to life a very serious attempt at telling the story of how the Dark Knight Joker, evolves into a more comic familiar one; within the walls of Arkham Asylum.

Arkham is a familiar setting for Joker fan films; however this story will tell of how it becomes a facility for super-villains.

Arkham Asylum
Arkham Asylum

Here I explain why I do Fan FIlms

The goal is to create a cinematic translation of the character that does justice to what has already been portrayed on screen, while exploring a unique and original story that entertains and inspires. Out of all the challenges the crew face in creating this Fan Film, satisfying the fans is the one they are most eager to overcome. Seeing as everyone aboard this project are fans themselves; they have set their standards and goals high to create something unforgettable.

Joker directing the cast and crew through the electrocution scenes.

BTS on set of Arkham Asylum
BTS on set of Arkham Asylum

The team aims to deliver a character driven story, exploring many of DC's Iconic characters and how they effect the world around them using aspiring Arizona Actors.

The Cast of The Padded Room episode 1
The Cast of The Padded Room episode 1

This NON PROFIT Fan Film is being created by the fans, for the fans- and those who inspire us by creating this content. Everyone aboard this project aspires to be involved in this cinematic movement that is comic book adaptations and can't wait to showcase this amazing concept, Fans of the Joker are sure to be pleased! The crew hopes you enjoy everything we have been up to and are trying to create! This looks to be no laughing matter!

I'm a comic fan, you're a comic fan. We both like movies, so let's do something about it! Throw us a THUNDERCLAP! & Help us bring this FAN SERIES to life by visiting our Kickstarter and supporting the concept where you will find our second trailer!; A tribute to the Suicide Squad in 2016! Follow us on Facebook and lets see how crazy you go, in the Padded Room!

Joker and all related characters are property of DC Comics and Warner Brothers Ent. Neither party has endorsed or supported the project. The Padded Room is a non profit fan film, created by fans.


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