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We thought 2016 was going to be the year the slashers came back, but that turned out to be almost completely false. Due to delays, script changes and late starts, 2017 looks to be the actual year all of our favorite villains are finally resurrected. Which means it's time for the paranormal flicks to move to the side...

And let the real kings reclaim their thrones!

Friday The 13th — January 13th 2017

Last Film Was Released In? — 2009

Probably the most delayed movie out of the rest, Friday The 13th was supposed to have a sequel to its 2009 reboot a long time ago. Since then many things have changed, but the official facts are listed below:

  • It is the second reboot
  • It will be the 13th movie in the franchise
  • It will be released on Friday, January 13th, 2017
  • It will not be a found footage movie
  • It will not be a 3D movie
  • Aaron Guzikowski is the writer
  • He's already completed a highly commendable script
  • It might take place in the 1980s
  • More news about the movie is bound to come out soon


Are you ready for Jason's return?!

Halloween — October 2017

Last Film Was Released In? — 2009

Tying Friday The 13th for the most delayed franchise is Halloween. Which has also gone through many changes over the last seven years. However, loads of new information has recently been released about the next film:

  • Rob Zombie isn't involved
  • John Carpenter will come back as the executive producer
  • It will not be in 3D
  • It will not be a sequel to Rob Zombie's two Halloween movies
  • It will bring back the classic Michael Myers
  • John Carpenter may also score the new movie
  • Mike Flanagan (Hush), is officially in talks to direct
  • The new film will focus on suspense and scares
  • 2017 is the intended year of release
  • It might also be another reboot


Are you excited for the return of Michael Myers?

Chucky 7 — 2017

Last Film Was Released In? — 2013

Chucky is one of the only horror icons to have a fairly recent movie, but fans have still been hungry for more. Thankfully, the director (Don Mancini) is officially bringing Chucky back in 2017.

  • This is the only franchise to not remake or reboot itself
  • It will be a sequel to the Curse of Chucky
  • Confirmed to have a 2017 release
  • The bride of Chucky will be back!
  • Chucky's children will also make a comeback


Chucky's coming back! Are you excited?

Jeepers Creepers 3 — 2017

Last Film Was Released In? — 2003

That's right folks, the creeper is officially coming back in 2017! Why it took so long to get a sequel off the ground? I have no idea. Here's what we know so far though!

  • It is confirmed for a release in early 2017
  • The same director from the original two movies is coming back
  • Jonathan Breck will reprise his role as the Creeper
  • They want to go into the history and background of the Creeper
  • This could possibly be the last movie
  • It's said to be ''terrifying and blood soaked''


Are you excited for the return of Jeepers Creepers?

Leatherface — 2017?

Last Film Was Released In? — 2013

Leatherface is the farthest along out of every other movie on this list, but has yet to announce a release date. So one can only guess (and hope) that the next movie will be released in 2017. It does seem extremely likely though.

  • It will be a prequel to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • Said to be extremely brutal, bloody, and disgusting
  • Leatherface will be a lot younger in this installment
  • Was supposed to be released in 2016, might have been changed to 2017
  • The plot involves Leatherface and other psychopaths escaping from a mental hospital, kidnapping a nurse, and going on ''a road trip from hell''. They are also pursued by ''an equally deranged lawman''


Are you excited for Leatherface's return?

What about Freddy?

Krueger also has a movie in the works, but not much information has released on that recently. What is known is that it will have David Leslie Johnson as the writer, and that it will also be another reboot. Whether or not it will be released next year or not is still unknown though.

All in all, thanks to our favorite horror villains, 2017 is shaping up to be a killer year.

But not the last!


Who's your favorite Horror movie villain?


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