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The classic and arguably the best horror film at that, responsible for starting the slasher genre is coming back finally and this time securely after several previous letdowns of re-writes and no footing for its 10th entry in the long running franchise. That's right HALLOWEEN has found its new home and soon Michael Myers will return to Haddonfield.

Aimed for a 2017 release date, the franchise breaks away from TWC/Dimension with Trancas International Films now partnering with the more than welcomed Miramax and also Blumhouse.

Now the good and bad news...lets start with the bad first.

I'm happy that Michaels coming back, don't get me wrong but i am worried that Blumhouse is partnering as i don't think they deserve to have any participation. I'd rather have had it go to New Line or Universal again. Responsible for subpar franchises like Paranormal Activity, Sinister, Insidious and Purge, my excitement somewhat died down when learning this yesterday. Being a tough critic for horror (saw the original TCM when i was 11 so the bar was set high), i don't consider any of the above remotely to fall under the genre it claims but thats just me.

Adding to my concern is the rumored director thats in talks to helm the new film. In what i pray isn't true is allegedly Mike Flanagan. You might know his work from Oculus (under Blumhouse...see a pattern here?) and the upcoming unnecessary sequel to an even more shittier movie Ouija but i will give him credit for his recent film Hush. That being said i think Mikey deserves better.

No pressure there Mike
No pressure there Mike

The good news...

Miramax, founded by the great Harvey & Bob Weinstein being the other partner should hopefully balance it out seeing how they have a stellar track record with an onslaught of films such as The Crow, Sin City, True Romance, every Tarantino film, the Hellraiser's, The Children of the Corns & Scream trilogy. There's some relief in that aspect.

Now the real news and the best part...

JOHN CARPENTER is coming back!

Malek Akkad, who has been a producer on the franchise since Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, had this to say, “Trancas International is thrilled to be teaming up with Miramax on Halloween, one of the most enduring horror franchises in film. We are also very excited to be working with Jason Blum and the whole team at Blumhouse. Together, along with the return of legendary filmmaker John Carpenter, we are eager to make a film that will be a milestone in the franchise’s legacy and that will excite the fans, young and old.”

Now John being the franchise creator is not only on board to serve as the Executive Producer but in current negations to compose the score once again to give us the signature haunting sound for Michaels new rampage.

“38 years after the original Halloween, i’m going to help to try to make the 10th sequel the scariest of them all,” Carpenter stated.

If you are a Halloween fan then you know how huge and important this is! This means we could possibly have a legit film once more added to our beloved franchise and erase Rob's god awful H2 out of out minds forever and replace it with what we've been deserving...a long overdue solid entry that not only gives us one more reason to love Myers but a actual horror film worth watching that the genres been missing for several years now. Any future news from here on end is just icing on the cake as my faith in horror has been restored!


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